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12 March 2014 Written by  Kachelle Kelly

Transcending from Good to Great in Business - Part 1

To be great at anything, one must be willing to do what others won’t – to go against the grain, whether they are afraid or not. Many businesses are good, but few are great and guaranteed to stand the test of time. Great business owners are constantly learning and paying attention to trends, whether they understand them or not. And whatever they don’t quite understand, they learn by researching online, attending seminars, or by hiring someone who does. Business is all about the customer experience and how you can best serve the customers as well as how you effectively resolve conflict by walking in integrity – even when it hurts your pride or pockets. Excellence requires vision – a laser focus to see your business years ahead and ensuring you are doing the necessary tasks to reach your goals. To move from good to great in business requires Consistency, Competence, Connectivity and Competitive Edge.

Let’s explore Consistency. Habits are formed through consistent behavior. Even when it seems as if your efforts are not paying off, you must remain consistent to see results. Entrepreneurs who have failed to be successful most commonly lack tenacity to see things through. Success is hard work and if it were easy, everyone would achieve it. More often than not, businesses give up in the middle of the race instead of changing courses, if necessary, but it’s more important for them to stay consistent in their efforts. The discipline to do what others won’t is important to your success. I used to complain about not having a life or being invited to everything. I had to remind myself that I was reaching for greatness rather than settling for being good and doing what the general population does every day. And this takes a consistent amount of discipline. But that is the sacrifice for greatness.

Kachelle Kelly is founder of Kachelle Kelly International, Inc., a small business & empowerment coaching firm. Kachelle coaches career driven women & men to not only activate their hustle but faith by providing them with innovative ideas, strategies, resources and empowerment to achieve authentic success, profitability, peace and happiness in their business and life. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and the NAPW 2012-2013 "Woman of the Year" for Consulting & Coaching for Texas. Kachelle is also the author of "Pretty Painful" and "Boss Men & Women Pray: 31 Prayers to Increase Your Success & Spirit". For more information visit www.kachellekelly.com

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