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24 July 2013 Written by  Judge Jed Shaw

Who Is Judge Jed Shaw?

Jed Shaw has a lifetime of professional, civic, and ministerial experience in serving others. In addition to being a former Texas Judge and Mayor, Jed is also an AV Preeminent Rated Attorney and President of the law firm Shaw & Associates PLLC.

Judge Shaw’s leadership experience qualifies him with unique jedshawphotoperspective to serve a wide range of clients. Here are some of his areas of service.

  • Deacon, Elder, former Trustee & Legal Counsel, Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church.
  • Former President, Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church Foundation, Houston.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Better Business Bureau of Greater Houston and South Texas.
  • Former Trustee and Chair of Board, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
  • Former Trustee, Texas Presbyterian Foundation.
  • Retired Captain, United States Army Judge Advocates Corps.
  • Former Member, American Judges Association.
  • Former Chair, State Bar of Texas Grievance Committee.
  • Former President, several Texas title companies.
  • Founding Director & former Chair, Inner City Youth Inc, a young peoples ministry in Houston’s Third Ward.
  • Former Director, Forge for Families Inc, Houston.
  • Founding Director, The First Tee of Santa Fe, New Mexico

What Others Say

Here are a few testimonies from past clients who share the relief they found from working with Jed. (Names were removed to respect their confidentiality.)

  • I was told that bankruptcy was our only way out of debt. I’m glad we got a second opinion before filing. Mr. Shaw helped us with an alternative to bankruptcy that works.”
  • Jed Shaw is a lifesaver! I have my life back.”
  • “My husband and I were embarrassed to be in a debt situation having always been able to pay our bills on time. We confidentially met with Mr. Shaw who handled our situation discreetly and professionally. We are on a path to debt recovery.”
  • “Medical bills nearly destroyed our family. Thanks to Judge Shaw, we can sleep at night.”
  • “Over the past year, I lost my job and our family quickly amassed a stack of bills. We felt defeated and depressed. Shaw & Associates gave us back our peace of mind. I recommend them to anyone in this situation.”
  • “We always paid our bills on time. My husband lost his job but found a position with less income. For a while, our only way to live was to use our credit cards, which we maxed out. We defaulted on two cards and could only pay the minimum on two. We had been warned against debt settlement and did not want to file bankruptcy but were being harassed with calls which may have caused my husband to have a heart attack. I lost almost 30 pounds. Judge Shaw worked out an alternative for us without bankruptcy or debt settlement. He will always be remembered by our family.”
  • “During the last few years our daughter had two serious illnesses without much insurance, my husband was out of work for one year and I went back to work. We partially lived on credit cards and we defaulted on them because of reduced income. Everyday, harassing phone calls caused anguish, despair & depression. Judge Shaw was able to eliminate these calls and give us peace of mind. He solved our creditor problems and we were finally able to sleep at night. I am pleased to recommend him and his solutions.”
  • “Our business slowed and our income went down. We had to use credit cards to pay some of our bills. Eventually we could only pay the minimum and became desperate. Jed Shaw reviewed our situation and managed our credit card debt, allowing us to concentrate on growing our business, We feel blessed to have Judge Shaw as our attorney and advisor.”

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