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31 July 2013 Written by  Ashura Bayyan

Who Is Morgan Poindexter?

“See You at the Top” is a new weekly business feature which offers profiles of young Houstonians who have demonstrated ambition and excellence in leadership.

He is a 21 year-old Lamar High School graduate, who founded OphBeat Records and co-founded the “One In A Million” Student Leadership Conference. He’s a Full Sail University Recording Arts student who dropped out to produce and engineer music at KMA studios with musicMorganPoindexter 2 industry veterans like Timbaland, who was soon motivated to finish his education at Howard University’s Public Relations program. He’s a performing artist, music producer, and audio engineer. 

But, titles are easy to come by, and you want to know why he is special. You’re asking: what makes him different from the thousands of other kids who graduated from Lamar High School? If you ask him, he may tell you that he’s special because he always wanted to be the greatest, even back to when he was playing basketball at Bellaire High. But if you let the record tell it, he is impressive not because of his infectious personality or his clear confidence, but because he motivates the people around him and he really believes in what he is doing for the world. 

At an early age, he expressed a love of music and poetry. It wasn’t until middle school that he realized that his art was Hip Hop. He started a group called Microphone Breakers with his best friend, Joseph “Duece” Herron and taught himself how to record their music with software purchased by his great grandmother, Bernice Terrell. Although he took classes in guitar and piano, he continued to upgrade his recording equipment and learn more about engineering, mixing, and music production. 

In January 2010, he started OphBeat Records and co-founded the "One In A Million"cutmypic1 Student Leadership Conference that ends with an annual concert. Morgan initiated this event to provide opportunities for emerging artists to showcase their talents and to empower a new generation of youth to make better choices while preparing for future success. In our interview I asked him what was the purpose of the “One in a Million” Student Conference and he said, “One in a million is to instill in everyone that they are amazing. We want to instill that into the whole black community.” This is impressive because many men of talent never look back once they have begun down the road of achievement.  

When asked what keeps him motivated, he replied, “Without a doubt, discipline. Discipline separates the okay and the good from the great. All great people have discipline. The studio is definitely my therapy. Me time is always in the studio.”

Morgan Poindexter is currently composing new music and working on an upcoming project with Alex Moore, a classically trained pianist.

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