Houston Forward Times

20 August 2014 Written by  A. Peter Bailey

The Numerous Ways That Black Folks Sustain White Supremacy

We hate to admit it, but the harsh reality is that many, if not most, black people in this country—low income, middle income, upper income—in numerous ways, support the toxic ideology of white supremacy. The list includes:

  • Those who have built lucrative careers in the academic, political and journalistic arenas by delighting Whites by consistently attacking other Black folks;
  • Those who believe in White standards of beauty and attractiveness, such as keen facial features;
  • Those who loudly and consistently use the ‘N’ word in their conversations, songs and ‘live’ performances;
  • Those who only have images of a White Jesus in their churches and homes;
  • Those who still say that Columbus discovered America and that Thomas Jefferson believed that all men are created equal;
  • Those who relish being the only Black person in an otherwise all-White club, organization, school or neighborhood;
  • Those whose antics in movies, television programs, music videos and in the streets in urban areas carry on the tradition of Stepin’ Fetchit, Mantan Moorland and Scatman Crothers;
  • Those who only have White art in their homes and apartments;
  • Those who believe that a degree from the Harvards, Yales and Princetons of the world automatically make them superior to other Black folks;
  • Those who believe that a Black person romantically involved with or married to a White person has enhanced his or her social status;
  • Those who are dyed or bewigged blondes;
  • Those who use the word "Black" as an epithet;
  • Those who believe that an all-Black school is inherently inferior;
  • Those who believe that striving for academic excellence is "trying to be White";
  • Those who use the description "classical" only for European-created music;
  • Those who wreak havoc in Black neighborhood with criminal activities;
  • Those who believe that people of European descent always were, are now and will be the dominant force in world affairs;
  • Those who smile with gratitude when a White person tells them, "You are different from other Blacks";
  • Those who say that a Black person has "good hair";
  • Those who say that a Black person is "dark but attractive";
  • Those who believe that the enslavement of our African ancestors has turned out to be good because it allows African-Americans access to its ill-gotten economic goodies garnered by White supremacist from the enslavement of African people and the near total destruction of the indigenous people of what is now the continent of North American.

The Blacks who help to sustain the psychological toxic known as white supremacy are the kind of people about whom Carter G. Woodson was speaking when he wrote in his book, The Miseducation of the Negro, "…Starting out after the Civil War, opponents of freedom and social justice decided to work out a program which would enslave the Negros’ mind, inasmuch as the freedom of the body had to be conceded…"

It’s painful to admit that the "program" of those "opponents of freedom and social justice" eyed by Dr. Woodson has had a great deal of success in enslaving the minds of too many Black folks in this country.

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