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11 December 2013 Written by  Kehlin A. Farooq

Thank You for the Picture President Nelson Mandela...

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mandela-mainpic-551“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.” – South African President Nelson Mandela aka Tata Madiba.

A testament of a man’s worth it determined by his character, his influence, his impact and his overall purpose. Nelson Mandela’s cause for the equal human rights of black Africans in South Africa’s once apartheid driven nation transformed the perception of man across the universe.  The perception of how important it is to eradicate racism and inequality in order for society to reflect it’s proper picture. A picture that adorns the likes of all of mankind unified in an undeniable trust in each others ability to help one another progress. A picture of healed wounds, better hearts and stronger ties between every color, every religion, every culture and every people.

Nelson Mandela’s life work’s were of a large easel that supported a canvas, that bordered the clouds and mimicked the size of the world as he held small paint brush that embodied a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, strategy, patience, perseverance, humbleness and prayer. That small but rich paint brush resembles a statement Nelson Mandela made upon gaining his freedom after spending nearly three decades in prison for fighting for the right to be a human being.  He said, “I don’t come as a Prophet, but I come as just a man.” And just a man, is who we all are with an obligatory task of continuing to paint the masterpiece Nelson Mandela started painting.  We must not let his great works die without completion of the picture. The dream of a picture we will all be able to marvel at in amazement and fulfilled accomplishment, a picture painting by one of many pioneers of human rights and equality Nelson Mandela.  When a man’s good works live on, he actually never dies.  Nelson Mandela you will be missed but never forgotten.  Long Live Nelson Mandela and may God Bless his Soul….

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