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02 July 2013 Written by  Amarie Gipson and Nailah Scott

The Supreme Court rules DOMA unconstitutional…What is your take?

The Issue: In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court has recently ruled DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act, as unconstitutional. What does this mean for same sex couples? They are being granted federal benefits in states that recognize their marriages.This ruling is relevant in states who acknowledge same sex marriages, but unfortunately does not extend to all 50 states. President Barack Obama is currently working to expand these rights across state lines. If in fact a couple moves to another state that does not recognize same sex marriage, their rights will follow them. This ruling has spurred much controversy in the political world. Republican conservatives are outraged, and feel the ruling is a “mistake.” Gay rights supporters plan to revisit the courts in the near future to expand the broad ruling and legalize same sex marriage all across the nation.

Question: What is your take on the ruling and same sex marriage?

 Michah Michah Crawford - “I don’t believe gays should be allowed to get married only because of my foundation with The Lord. Marriage should remain between man and woman. But I think there should be some type of common law union allowed to protect their individual rights. I just don’t agree with a marriage.” 
 KerryKerry West - “We are all given rights in America. Marriage is a sacred bond between two people that love one another; it also has many religious ties. Every God fearing person I know says that God loves all His children, but never once did He state that He wouldn’t love them because of their life preferences.”

 Maurice  Maurice Letcher-Ellis - “Let it happen. Who are we to say that we can deny someone true love and happiness. We can’t control love; if it’s meant to be with the same gender, then let it be. If my mom was gay, who am I to deny her from being happy? All 50 states should allow same sex marriage, because at the end of the day, homosexuals aren’t hiding themselves so why should we treat them OR their situation any differently.”

 Dillard   Dillard Amel - “It is not constitutional but I don’t necessarily feel that it is wrong. I think humans should be able to marry whomever they please. It’s a fulfillment in life that everyone is waiting to see one day.”


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