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17 July 2013 Written by  Ryan George


Have you ever had a friend do you wrong? Have your friends ever backstabbed you? Did you forgive them for what they did or are you enemies now? If a friend treats you badly, should you easily forgive them or should that be the end of the friendship that you had with them?

We have all had friends that have lied to us and have done us wrong. Sometimes, there may have been something such as a small argument but other times they may have betrayed you and caused you to hate each other. Are friends really worth having nowadays?

Friends can be described as those who may have been there for you through the good and bad times. You should be able to trust a friend and they should also be able to trust you. A friend should be there for you no matter what and always support you and encourage you all the time. We have different types of friends though. I have friends that I can turn up with, friends I tell everything to, friends that I can watch movies with on Saturday nights, friends that make me laugh and friends that keep it real with me. Those are friends that have been down with me since day one. However, not all friendships are genuine.

Some friends may have done you wrong, but does that mean that you should never be their friend again? That is not the case all the time. You should always forgive no matter what. I’m not saying to just forgive and your friendship is back to normal. Some friends are truly meant to just be in your life for a season and some come for a reason. You will outgrow some of your friends. If a friend has done you wrong and you think the friendship is not worth saving, then simply move on.

I know a couple of people that I am no longer friends with. I had to come to the realization that they were causing me to move backwards in life and not forward so I had no choice but to let them go. A lot of times I see my peers being friends one day and not friends the other day. They are quick to blame the other person for causing the friendship to end but in reality it was actually them. You are not always innocent!

Some friends are meant to be left in the past. Not because they did you wrong or because they have forsaken you but sometimes you and your friends are in different places. We should always want to be the best and we should surround ourselves with peers that know where they want to go and help you to reach your fullest potential.

I’m just sayin’…

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