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18 July 2013 Written by  McKayla Jones

Instagram Vixens

   Welcome to Tea Time with Kayla J.! I am a sixteen-year-old majorette that attends Jack Yates High School. I am known for being straightforward and I believe that everyone is a walking story.  Each week, I will be spilling the tea on all of the latest and most juicy topics! And even you can be the topic of discussion. So without further due, let’s spill!
    I have been seeing the craziest things on Instagram lately. Especially young ladies, I mean, is it really that serious?
    How many times do you get on Instagram a day? It really doesn’t matter how many times you log on or post a picture, it’s really about what you post. I believe that as young women we are taking this to a different level. You can post a picture of yourself in your bra and panties but if a boy comments, then you say he is thirsty. But is he really the one that needs the attention? Talk about double standards!

Tea Time with Kayla photo     Instagram is supposed to be used for cute photos, you know, to show off your new cute outfit that you just bought from Forever 21? Maybe even to make your life seem a little more interesting. It is not for you to show the world what you and your boo did last night. The pictures are getting worse by the day. If you are talking a selfie and the picture shows more bra than face, then what was the point? You might as well have showed everything. No one wants to see all of that. Trust me.
    Now that Instagram has video, not only do we get to see the pictures, we can actually watch you make a fool of yourself! What you do behind closed doors is your business; it shouldn’t be for the whole world to see. It makes you look thirsty. Why are you doing it? Is it for the likes and the followers? Because girls are valuing these likes as if they’re money in their pockets. Instagram is a full-time job for some of you.
    As teens, we should present ourselves as young adults, especially young ladies. You don’t want to look like an easy target, right? When does the respect come in to play? We always claim that boys don’t have enough respect for us but, yet girls post pictures in their bras and panties sometimes thinking that it’s okay. Girls, our image is everything for us, the way we look, dress, even the type of friends we hang with. That should never change just because you’re on the Internet. You should make that person that you are trying to impress work for it. Be a mystery!
    All I’m saying is that you don’t want to look like the thirsty type or the one that needs attention. Nothing ever gets deleted off the Internet, especially now that we have screenshot. If you post something and delete it, at least one of your followers could have screenshot it and they could have your embarrassing photo in their phone forever. You will go a long way if you just respect yourself. If you wouldn’t do it in front of a crowd of people, then why post it on Instagram?

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