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07 August 2013 Written by  Ryan George


Nene RudeI have a friend. Let’s call her Jane. She goes around saying the first thing that comes to mind. She’s quick to insult anyone even if she doesn’t know the person. “Jane” loves to give her rude input to people when no one asked for it. Is it necessary for “Jane” to say all of this? Let’s be real here. We all know a “Jane.” Matter of fact, you might be the “Jane” yourself. Look in the mirror!

One thing I hate is someone who has something to say about everything. Not only do they have their say about every move you make, but they’re rude about it. For instance, maybe a friend’s deodorant isn’t working for them that day. Do you really have to make it known by letting everyone know? Is it necessary for you to make fun of the person because they smell? For example, the rude comment someone might make could be, “Man you smell so bad. Like you’re burning my nose hairs.” Another thing you could do is pull them aside and say, “Maybe your deodorant doesn’t work for you, man. I think you should try a different kind.” That’s what the difference is between being rude and real. It has a lot to do with how you say it.

I think it is possible to be real without being rude. Being real does not mean being a liar to make someone feel better. Don’t lie to me. I want people to tell me the truth. Don’t automatically assume that when someone tells you the truth then they are hating on you either. Sometimes, the truth hurts. No need to cry and be sensitive about it. I would rather you tell me the truth instead of lying and trying to comfort me.

I catch myself being rude sometimes. I make those uncalled for sarcastic comments and jokes, but I came up with my own solution to not being rude and it’s simple…SHUT UP! Keep your comments to yourself unless someone asks for your input, and if they do then be real with them.

If you won’t be rude to me then I won’t be rude to you. Don’t let the suit and smile in my picture fool you.
I’m just sayin’…

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