Houston Forward Times

07 August 2013 Written by  McKayla Jones

Friend Zone

I don’t believe that men and women can be friends. Thjust friendsere is always going to be a certain type of feeling that you are going to have towards that friend. Though you may just want to be friends and still have that person around, how do you know that the other person doesn’t feel differently?  

Men and women have tried to do this thing they call “friends” for a long time. They spark up a conversation and exchange numbers so that they can hang out more. They begin to think “hey, this person is really cool,” but in the back of their minds, they really want to be in a relationship with them. Most guys are looking for that girl who they can just chill and hang with to treat like they are one of the boys. They want a woman’s perspective that their guy friends are unable to offer. But sometimes, they get too close and gain a physical attraction to their “friend.” 

Statistics show that men and women are meant to be partners and not “friends.” When you are in a relationship with someone and for some reason it doesn’t work out (maybe he or she cheated, you lied to him or her, or you really just didn’t like the person to begin with),  why are people quick to say that you can still be “friends?” Doesn’t that confuse a lot of things? I know that I could never be friends with one of my exes. We would always have that bond between one other that no one else would understand. If you are friends with your ex, what if he gets another girlfriend? She could be one of those jealous types that wants to fight over a boy. And ain’t nobody got time for that. 

Being “friends” with an ex is a sticky situation. You can have inside jokes with that person that could bring back old memories. The family may like your old girlfriend or boyfriend more than the new one and I don’t believe that anyone wants to be a home wrecker. Keep things where they are supposed to be. Leave the old ghost in the past so that you can move on. Trust me, you wouldn’t want those old spirits coming around trying to end your new beginning.

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