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14 August 2013 Written by  Ryan George

Light Skin, Dark Skin Epidemic

What’s really going on? We’re all quick to say, “Oh it’s because I’m black!” and use the race card, but really, African Americans tend to have hate or anger against their own race’s opposite skin complexion. It’s Team Dark Skin and Team Light Skin but this article is not to try and bash any skin complexion or to think one is better than the other. 

When you turn on the television, you see light skin video vixens or models, or you see the Dark Skin Light Skinlight skinned dudes that are the popular ones. Everyone seems to want a light skinned girlfriend or boyfriend. The media and society try to make it seem as if you can only be a light skinned African American. Is light skin really the right skin?  A lot of people think so but I think being light skinned with a bad personality can make you ugly. I’m not saying that it’s not right to be light skinned in America, but does that make you better than a dark skinned person? 

Nothing’s wrong with being dark skinned but a lot of guys want to be light skinned because they feel as if they could have a better life if they were lighter. When my high school became desegregated in the 1970’s, they didn’t even let dark girls in the school. Light skinned only! That’s crazy. One girl in Oprah’s Dark Skin Documentary even said she roughly scrubbed her own skin with bleach wishing to be lighter. I know me personally, I am fine with being dark and I don’t think anything’s wrong with a dark skinned girl.  

Are we really hating against our own race? What’s wrong with being dark skinned or what’s wrong with being light skinned? Nothing! Are we really hating on someone because of a skin color? Yea, it is funny to joke about it but some people take it too seriously and really start believing they are better than other people based on their skin complexions.

 At the end of the day, there is no Team Dark Skin or Team Light Skin. We are all Black. 

I’m just sayin’…

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