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14 August 2013 Written by  Jamey Watts

Little Do You Know...

If you’re keeping up with my articles, then you would know that last week I wrote about overprotective parents. To spin off on that topic I decided to take it a little further. 

Parents try to protect us from so many things of the “outside world.” One way or another, we still come across the things they tried to protect us from, and the place where we see and learn these things is the least expected. 

Sex, drugs, and gambling are just a few of the most important things parents want their children to stay away from. 

First, sex is the biggest one of all. Most parents have the “birds and the bees” conversation with their child, having the sex talk but hoping the sex doesn’t actually happen. No parent wants to hear that their child is having sex and especially not at school. Yes parents, little do yDrugs in Schoolou know kids do have sex at school. Sometimes kids even get caught having sex on the staircase or performing oral sex inside of restrooms. And you thought that by sending your child to school, they wouldn’t do it. That’s where you were wrong.... 

Parents also try to protect their children from doing drugs and drinking alcohol under age but they can’t prevent everything. Drugs are found in the school and some students even come to school under the influence. Little do you know, your child could have went to school under the influence. But no, while you’re thinking that you’re doing the right thing and not letting your child enjoy other things besides school, they are still surrounded by it. 

Gambling isn’t that big of a topic that parents focus on, but believe me it does happen. You wouldn’t guess where! It happens at the school. Dice games, card games, and games you’ve probably never heard about take place in the school. 

Sex, drugs, and gambling happen in every school.  No school is exempt.  But I will say, activities of this sort are probably more present in the more affluent schools.  

So see parents, even if you prevent your child from doing fun things outside of school like partying and hanging out with friends, because you don’t want them to be exposed to certain things, they are still going to be surrounded by it. Don’t overprotect your child, just raise them correctly. Encourage them to make good choices, and make sure that they have just enough exposure. So when they do venture out into the world, they won’t be so foreign to their surroundings, and they will have common sense on what to do and what not to do, and how to handle things.

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