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28 August 2013 Written by  Jamey Watts

Wifey Material?

Wifey-Material-300x225Women are always nagging about how men don’t respect them. Men don’t treat them right. Men this. Men that… but we can’t put all of the blame on them.  Respect depends on how a lady carries herself. 

Men are like fishing. Once they get the fish on the hook, they are full of excitement. Then after they get the fish on the boat they examine it, to see if they want to keep it.  If it doesn’t interest the man, the fish gets thrown back into the water, and they start to search for another fish.  This is how a man seeks out a woman.  A man fishes for two reasons:  he either fishes to catch the biggest fish and show it off to his friends and then toss it back in the water or, he fishes to take it home, cook it, and put it on his plate. 

Men are the hunters, and we, the women, are their prey.  Women have to give a man something to respect so he would want to keep her.  Do you think a man is going to respect a woman who doesn’t respect herself? Of course not. Some women go around having sex with a number of different men and expect them to treat them as “wifey material.” It’s not the guy who determines whether or not she’s a keeper, it’s based on the woman.  From the moment a woman opens her mouth, is when the guy decides whether or not he wants to keep her or throw her back into the water.  A woman who commands respect is a keeper.

We as women are so easily categorized, that we have to watch our actions very closely.  If a man sees a woman that is easy, he is most likely going to take her home that night, and not want to take her home to his mom. I’m pretty sure every woman wants to be “wifey material” but it is certain things that can and cannot be done.  No woman is perfect, but you can definitely try to be perfect. I know that I’m a keeper.  I have something going for myself. I command respect. I dress appropriately, but still remain sexy while being classy.  I’m loyal and I take care of my business.  I’m not going to be the fish that is thrown back into the water.  Wifey material? Yes indeed!

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