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22 January 2014 Written by  Hazel Trice Edney

CBC Calls for ‘National Day of Prayer to End Poverty’

They are often called the “conscious of the Congress” and the Congressional Black Caucus will demonstrate that literally on Feb. 6. The 43-member caucus is planning a time of public prayer for the poor on U. S. Capital grounds Feb. 6, the CBC has announced.

 “America is one of the richest countries on this planet; yet we have the largest gap between rich and poor in the developed world. Currently, 15 percent of the people in this nation live below the poverty line, and one in four children in this nation go to bed hungry each night. Even with these statistics, there are people who are doing everything they can to cut government programs that help these people keep food on the table,” said U. S. Rep. Marcia Fudge, explaining why the prayer time is necessary.

The announcement comes on the heels of the U. S. Senate’s refusal to extend emergency unemployment relief funds to more than 1.3 million Americans. Their last checks came Dec. 28.

“There are Members of Congress who refuse to extend unemployment insurance to the long-term unemployed. There are individuals in this country who call those with the least among us horrible, dehumanizing names as though they are choosing to be in the predicament they are in. The CBC Day of Prayer is aiming to bring awareness to the issue of poverty that is affecting communities across this nation. Poverty has no race, it doesn’t only affect one type of person and it is not confined to a certain area. It is affecting all of us and it is past due time that we pay attention and get serious about putting partisan politics aside and do something to help the people who are hurting across this country,” Fudge said.

The CBC will join with faith leaders from around the nation on Thursday, February 6 at 1 pm, for a “National Day of Prayer to End Poverty and Income Inequality”. The prayer will be held on the U. S. Capitol Hill East Lawn.

A press release further noted, “Since 1953, leaders from all religions backgrounds, sectors of society, and communities around the world have gathered in Washington, DC for the National Prayer Breakfast to unite in faith and to build new relationships that will benefit goodwill for all. This year, when faith leaders gather in our nation’s Capital, Members of the Congressional Black Caucus will also host the first National Day of Prayer to End Poverty and Income Inequality in our communities.

“As millions of American families continue to live below the poverty line, and the gap between the wealthiest in our nation and all others continues to grow, faith leaders are invited to attend and stand in solidarity with the CBC as we pray for the consciousness of America to be awakened and united against this startling and harrowing trend.”

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