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14 May 2014 Written by  Chelsea Lenora White

Finally...The Real Reasons Why Solange Attacked Jay Z in the Elevator

The silent surveillance clip of Solange going all Mortal Kombat on Jay Z in the elevator has most certainly taken the Internet, radio and cubicles in the workplace by storm in the last couple of days. The video which features one of the most (if not the most) elite and private families in Hollywood is pure entertainment gold. Beyonce's cool and calm demeanor shocked and confused many and Solange showed off a new talent while swatting and kicking at her brother-in-law. 

The events that followed the video were even more bizarre. While we all visited Solange's Twitter page every few minutes to catch a tweet to no avail, the rumor mill began to churn about what set Bey's little sister off in the first place. 

There was a rumor that Solange became irate after Jay Z refused to go home with his wife and opted instead to attend Rihanna's Met after party. Apparently everyone still believes that they are secret lovers. However, following that rumor, Beyonce made Instagram her stage and posted five pictures, most with no captions. But the pictures spoke louder than words. She posted four precious photos of her and Solange, which really showed her love and admiration for her sister because we all know that she has that weird obsession with the number 4.  Then for the bloggers, she posted a photo hugged up with Rihanna from the Met Gala to basically shut down rumors that the Barbadian bad gyal is on the run with her husband.

After carefully reviewing the footage, I've come up with the top ten reasons why Solange probably attacked Jay Z on the elevator and listed them below:jay z beyonce family

  1. Jay Z told Solange that he put Beyonce and her family on the map.destinys child solange cropped
  2. Jay Z told Solange that she was a Destiny's Child alternate.blue ivy jay z kiss
  3. Jay Z told Solange that Kelly is Blue Ivy's real godmother. solange afro
  4. Jay Z told Solange that she was nothing without her afro.johnson family vaca
  5. Jay Z told Solange that the highlight of her career was the "Johnson Family Vacation" movie.solange mad cropped
  6. Solange asked Jay Z politely to stop introducing her as "Beyonce's sister" and he began introducing her as "Blue Ivy's aunt." kris jenner solange hair
  7. Jay Z told Solange that her hair looked like Kris Jenner's, but synthetic.solange orlando jones 
  8. Jay Z may have mentioned a slight resemblance between Solange and Orlando Jones.elevator buttons pushed
  9. Jay Z pressed all the buttons on the elevator after Solange mentioned that she had to go pee. jay z laughing
  10. She was innocently play fighting with her brother-in-law and things took a turn when he said "it's about time you had a hit." 

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