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11 June 2013 Written by  Chelsea Lenora White

GOTCHA! Chad Johnson Arrested for 30 Days After Slapping His Lawyer on the Butt in Court!

Chad Johnson and his lawyer were in a Florida courtroom on Monday, June 10 on a probation violation hearing. His lawyer was hoping to cop a plea deal so that Johnson could avoid jail time and he was seconds away from doing so.

However, after the judge told Johnson that he had a great lawyer and that he should commend him for his efforts, Johnson went a little too far.

He thought that it would be a good move to slap his lawyer on the butt and Judge Kathleen McHugh was not amused. In fact, she rejected the plea deal, extended his probation by three months and also sentenced Johnson to 30 days in jail! She said:

I don’t know that you’re taking this whole thing seriously. I just saw you slap your attorney on the backside. Is there something funny about this? The whole courtroom was laughing. I’m not going to accept these plea negotiations. This isn’t a joke.


Chad apologized, saying:

This is your courtroom. I have no intent to make this a joke. It’s not funny. My life is in shambles right now and I try my best to laugh and keep a smile on my face.

However, although Chad’s attorney came to his defense, telling the judge, “I don’t think he did it as any disrespect to me. He has suffered. He has lost everything,” the judge looks like she will be the one enjoying a hearty laugh after Johnson was still handcuffed and hauled away to jail.

Was the judge too hard on Johnson? It’s hard to tell. After all, he was in court and on probation for headbutting his wife and a female judge was presiding over the case. Yes, Johnson should have taken this process more seriously, but after videos surfaced of the fiasco online, it doesn’t seem like Johnson was trying to be funny. From the looks of it, he was imitating what athletes do on the football field to commend one another for a ‘job well done.’ The judge must have thought so at first too, because her initial reaction to Chad’s odd compliment to his lawyer was nonchalant. She continued reading the sentence as if nothing happened. The courtroom bursting into laughter seems to be what made the judge flip. After Judge McHugh felt mocked she decided to show Johnson that she was not one to be toyed with.

I’m sure Chad will think twice about slapping another butt...

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