Houston Forward Times

25 June 2013 Written by  Ashura M.I.R. Bayyan

Let Yeezus Breathe

I immerse myself in every album the same as I do when I watch a movie. Each record is like a dream. The vibrant sounds of Yeezus come through singing, screaming, and spitting at me like an echo in a hollow chamber.

Every song is a different scene and every featured artist is a skilled actor. It’s selfish to try and rate any album according to what you expect the artist to produce, specifically because there are no rules to art.

Yeezus has no lush choirs, no elaborate orchestras, and no bouncy pop beats as we might expect from a Kanye album. It’s hyper-sexual, stunningly visual, and very definite in the point it’s trying to make. You cannot put Yeezus in a box.

Kanye West and his production team did everything but take the obvious route with this album, despite that none of the songs feel like a gimmick, and as a whole every song fits together.


I wonder whether the ability to challenge your artistic sound is learned or instinctive for West and the artists around him. Either way, I think that’s the way to grow your sound and produce a classic album with long term listening value such as this one.

Yeezus is not overtly political or preachy but I feel like West is showing us an honest view of himself. It is not a squeaky clean representation of Kanye West the celebrity, but a wild emotional portrait of Yeezy the animal.

This album is a lesson in how to lose control and push your limits, and I think it’s perfect.

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