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02 July 2013 Written by  Chelsea Lenora White Entertainment Editor

Kim and Kanye Turn Down $3 Million Baby North West Photo Deal

Kanye West was serious when he said that his baby isn’t America’s baby. And apparently, she isn’t Australia’s baby either! Both Kim and Kanye have yet to share any photos of their bundle of joy, even after being offered a whopping $3 million from an Australian magazine to do so!

Kanye has reportedly been incredibly protective and hands-on with his baby girl, wanting to be by her side as much as possible. His attitude has seemed to also rub off on Kim, who has since kept her profile extremely low on social media, only breaking her silence to wish her sister, Khloe a happy birthday on Thursday, June 27.

“Motherhood has changed her,” a source told US magazine.

I, for one, am incredibly impressed with Kimye’s protection of baby North West’s image and refusal to debut her pictures for any price. The daughter of the media savvy duo is clearly not ready for her close up just yet!

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