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28 August 2013 Written by  Bill Hutchinson

Lamar Odom NOT Missing

Lamar odom drugsLAMAR ODOM isn’t missing — he’s in a Los Angeles hotel room with friends who are trying to help him to kick drugs, his agent said Monday. 

“His wife knows exactly where he is,” Jeff Schwartz, the agent for the Queens-born hoops star, told ESPN.com. 

Quoting unnamed sources, TMZ.com reported Sunday that Odom, 33, went missing after a fight with his wife, reality TV star Khloé Kardashian. 

The report provoked an angry response from Kardashian, 29, who took to Twitter Sunday to blast rumors about her husband of four years. 

“Really hard to sit here and listen to people talk s--- about my family,” Kardashian tweeted. 

Kardashian rushed to Odom’s side at his undisclosed location Monday after learning of his whereabouts, and sources told TMZ that she has not given up on him or their marriage. 

The gossip website reported that Odom is addicted to crack cocaine and that Kardashian has kept it a secret — even from her family. 

Odom’s troubles came after Kardashian staged an intervention for him, which went badly and prompted him to storm out of their Tarzana, Calif., home last week. 

During the NBA offseason last year, Odom secretly spent three weeks at a San Diego rehab center at the request of his wife. 

The NBA tests for performance-enhancing drugs, but not recreational drugs, during the offseason. 

 “They really do love each other,” a source told People magazine Monday." But she really feels that thilamar khloe odom smilings problem is out of control, and she’s hurt that he won’t get help.” 

Schwartz would only say that friends are helping Odom with an unspecified drug problem. 

He refused to reveal specifics of Odom’s condition, but added: “Playing in the NBA is still very much part of Lamar’s plans.” 

Odom, who was raised in South Jamaica, Queens, is an NBA free agent after spending part of last season with the Los Angeles Clippers. The Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers have expressed interest in signing the 6-foot-10 power forward. 

In 2001, Odom apologized to fans and admitted to using marijuana after he was suspended from the Clippers for violating the NBA’s anti-drug program twice in eight months. 

“I’ve made a couple (of mistakes), and I may make a couple again, but hopefully they won’t be as big as this one,” Odom said at the time. 

In a 2011 episode of “Lamar & Khloé,” he and his wife’s short-lived reality TV show, Odom talked about his father’s drug addiction. 

“My father’s a heroin addict,” Odom said. “I witnessed things that a 10-year-old definitely wasn’t supposed to see.
It’s hard for me to speak up on it and get it through to Khloe because she grew up so different.”

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