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20 August 2014 Written by 

"Crazy Eyes" wins an Emmy, The Ice Bucket Challenge and more This week in Fashion...


Congratulations to Crazy Eyes and Papa Pope who scored big at this year’s 2014 Creative Arts Emmy Awards.


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Joe Morton who plays Rowan “Papa Pope” on Scandal nabbed the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series. Uzo Aduba who plays Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren on Orange is the New Black took home the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series. Uzo and Joe are incredibly talented actors and I hope this is only the beginning for them. It’s hard to believe Uzo almost gave up on her dream of acting prior to landing this role. I’m glad she stuck with it.




When you check out your various social media timelines you are bound to see several of your friends taking on the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” Pat Quinn and Pete Frates who both were diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a fatal neurodegenerative disease) aka Lou Gehrig’s disease started this “ice bucket challenge” phenomenon to spread awareness and raise money for ALS charities. Basically you grab a mixture of water and ice and pour it over yourself within 24hrs of being nominated and/or donate $100 to the charity. Cue the naysayers. As with anything positive people are criticizing the efforts questioning the promotion of wasting clean water when lack of access to clean water is a global issue. Others feel it is just a stunt to avoid donating money (...I guess they missed the whole and/or part about making a donation). Another gripe is from other charities who think the viral challenge is taking away much needed funds for other charities. Here are the facts, these guys got some devastating news and chose to make a difference. They figured out a way to get people involved and it went viral. There is no better marketing than that. Regardless of why people have taken on the challenge, this movement has brought awareness to the disease and raised over $15 million for the ALS organization since July...it’s August...BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! The moral of this story is less talking/complaining more doing. If you want to see something changed, change it yourself.  Naysayers remember that “neigh” is for horses...





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