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03 September 2014 Written by 

Weddings, The Leaky "Internets" and more this week in Fashion...

 Just because the awards show season red carpets have been rolled away doesn’t mean there isn’t drama brewing in Hollywood.  I checked out for a few days over the Labor Day weekend and gave myself a break from the “Internets.” Lo and behold the “Hollywood Hackers” went to town stealing celebs private photos and posting them online. What a sad and disturbing time we live in. A lot of things can be taken away from this...but most importantly you’re personal information, private photos etc...is just as insecure as it was yesterday...so be mindful of that and proceed with caution. Remember that sketch on Dave Chappelle did about the internet years ago on Chappelle show? I’m just sayin...watch out. In lighter news...several weddings happened over the weekend including (friend-in-my-head) Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. It was a private family affair (as it should be). They released a few photos showing their lovely family and her gown/veil which her children decorated with drawings. Angie just won wedding dress of the year with that one. I love it. I also love the family pic newlyweds Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade took with their 3 sons. Adorable.




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