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06 August 2014 Written by  Valecia Weeks

Push Through and EXERCISE!

Ladies, have you ever hit the bump in the road…a "set back" that just made you want to quit working out - that bump in the road that made you feel as if the last 3 months of working out just is not worth it? What sets you aside and determines success or failure is how you react to that bump. When you hit a bump are you the "woe is me" type of Diva who just lets her life just spin out of control in despair or do you just grab life by the horns and say, "I think I’ll take control of my emotions and try working out one more day"?

We’ve all experienced things that slow us down; we just have to keep in mind that our latter will be greater. It’s very easy to just abandon our goals and give up on your workout. Well, my philosophy is one step backward and two steps forward. So what! if your job has become more demanding - so what! if your kids activities have taken up all your time - so what! if you just don’t feel like working out? You have to take the time for our health. If you’ve started working out, you’ve already set a steady foundation to build on. Keep moving forward and build on what you’ve already started. HARD WORK CANNOT BE OVERLOOKED!

So, how can you react when you feel like your exercise plan has come to a squelching halt? You have to first be objective about the situation. Take a step back and analyze exactly what is going on. Although subconsciously, we sometimes have the tendency to blame others or particular circumstances, DON’T DO THIS. Sweeping your "bumps in the road" under a rug will not make your situation better. Take responsibility where it is due. Is your exercise bump in the road really that significant or do you just need to come up with a "plan B" and start over with a new beginning? There just may need to be a little exertion on your part to get you motivated again! Get your plan into action to start your next move. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Find another woman who has gone through a similar set back in her workout strategy and ask her for tips on helping you get over your hump. You’d be surprised at how many women have been in a similar situation.

Reevaluate your fitness goals that you initially set for yourself and tweak them as necessary. Although the purpose of goals is to accomplish a desired task, who says they can’t be changes along the journey? Instead of looking at your project as a disaster or failure, view it with success. Concentrate on how great it will feel after it is finally done, after you have put your all into it. Instead of focusing on a possible unsatisfactory performance one single time, take a moment to sit back and reward yourself for all that you have accomplished. The good always outweighs the bad.

Don’t live with regrets or have that "woulda, should, coulda" outlook concerning your circumstances…if I would or I shoulda, or I coulda done this or that. Approach life with perseverance and dedication to reaching the fitness goal that you initially set forth. Success is never easy. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. It remains up to you to fight through the tough battle of restarting your workout plan.

Move on with your life. Keep reaching for your goals and you will achieve them. One minor setback is nothing if you really want something and are willing to work for it.

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