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09 April 2014 Written by  Rev. Manson B. Johnson II

Lesson 3: The Strength of Humility


Bible Fact: God uses a combination of spiritual characteristics to bring Christians to the point to glorify God.

The Big Idea: Growing Christians exhibit more positive spiritual qualities on the inside that cause them to get more personal blessings from God; while at the same time, they also become increasingly more effective and highly attractive to sinners in the world.

A truly humble man is hard to find, yet God delights to honor such selfless people. Booker T. Washington, the renowned black educator, was an outstanding example of this truth. Shortly after he took over the presidency of Tuskegee Institute in Alabama, he was walking in an exclusive section of town when he was stopped by a wealthy white woman. Not knowing the famous Mr. Washington by sight, she asked if he would like to earn a few dollars by chopping wood for her. Because he had no pressing business at the moment, Professor Washington smiled, rolled up his sleeves, and proceeded to do the humble chore she had requested. When he was finished, he carried the logs into the house and stacked them by the fireplace. A little girl recognized him and later revealed his identity to the lady. 

The next morning the embarrassed woman went to see Mr. Washington in his office at the Institute and apologized profusely. "It’s perfectly all right, Madam," he replied. "Occasionally I enjoy a little manual labor. Besides, it’s always a delight to do something for a friend." She shook his hand warmly and assured him that his meek and gracious attitude had endeared him and his work to her heart. Not long afterward she showed her admiration by persuading some wealthy acquaintances to join her in donating thousands of dollars to the Tuskegee Institute. ---Our Daily Bread.

I. How does humility act or what does it look like?

A. Volunteers to put others before them; Genesis 13:5-9; Philippians 2:6-8

B. Servant to others willingly; John 13:5,13-17

C. Values Christ more than personal possessions; Philippians 3:7-11

D. Trust the things of God more than things of the world; Matthew 6:30-33;

II. Where does humility come from?

III. God puts humility into the heart, mind, and soul of those that choose Him or His ways. People that receive God’s spirit or God’s Son also receive the spiritual fruit or gift of humility; John 3:3,5; Acts 9:4-6; Romans 8:8-14; II Corinthians 8:5; Galatians 5:22,23; Exodus 3:4-6; Esther 4:10-16;

IV. What is the outcome or reward for being humble?

A. Humble people inherit the kingdom of God; Matthew 5;3

B. God add riches and honour to humble people; Proverbs 22:4

C. God will exalt humble people that trust Him; Luke 4:11; 18:14; Genesis 39:3-6, 21-23; 41:38-44; I Kings 3:7-13

D. God will make humble people the greatest; Matthew 18:4; 20:26-28; II Corinthians 12:7-10


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