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21 May 2014 Written by  Rev. Manson B. Johnson II

Lesson 1: The Pillar of Honesty





THE BIG IDEA: Things that last in life are built from the inside out.

Bible Fact: Men & boys that make the Word of God their tool box for building will please God and have great success.


Joshua 1:8; I Corinthians 13:11


There are two general facts about everything in this life: (1) Everything that is big started small; and (2) everything that last was built from inside first.

  • Oak trees grow from inside a little acorn to become a tower of power.

  •  The mustard plant grows into a towering plant from inside of a microscopic size seed.

  • A 5 foot tall human being grows from inside a microscopic egg/sperm.

  •  A 75 story building is built from the inside up.

Everything great starts out small. In a general sense It is safe to say that everything small has something great going on inside. Men/boys have something great going on inside of them. God is at work inside of every man and boy. it is up to each individual man and boy to do at least four (4) things to help the greatness of their potential to come out: (1) they must cultivate the small potentials; (2) they must culturalize their development process; (3) they must cooperate with a system of standards that will keep them growing in the right direction; and (4) they must communicate often with the creator of their potential for the rest of their life.

  • Cultivate = stir up the potential as needed

  •  Culturalize = expose the potential to the best pertaining sources and resources

  •  Cooperate = volunteering to engage in things that matters and make a difference to succeed

  •  Communicate = interact with God

During his time as a rancher, Theodore Roosevelt and one of his cowpunching hired hands roped  a maverick steer, lit a fire, and prepared the branding irons. The part of the land they were on was already  claimed by Gregor Lang, one of Roosevelt's neighbors. According to the cattleman's rule, the steer therefore belonged to Lang. As his cowboy was about to apply the brand, Roosevelt said, "Wait, it should be Lang's brand."

"That's all right, boss," said the cowboy.

"But you're putting on my brand," Roosevelt said.

"That's right," said the man.

"Drop that iron," Roosevelt demanded, "and get back to the ranch and get out. I don't need you anymore. A man who will steal for me will steal from me."  ---Today in the Word, March 28, 1993.




  1. Defined: What is it?

  1. Honesty: the quality of being truthful and fair. Genesis 13:7-9

  1. Demonstrated: What will it do or how is it applied in life?

  1. Honesty increases trust from others in you. Genesis 39:3-5; 21-23

  2. Honesty develops an unblemished mind and a clean soul; Psalm 66:18; Philippians 4:8

  1. Reward: How does it benefits?

  1. Abraham received a covenant of unlimited blessings from God. Genesis 13:14-18

  2. Joseph received the power and wealth of the second chariot rider. Genesis 41:37-44


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