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09 October 2013 Written by  Rev. Manson B. Johnson II



I Peter 3:8-(14,15,16)

                    Bible Fact: God is willing to keep those whose minds are stayed on Him in faith.
       The Big Idea: Hope in God is always filled with strong confidence that God can handle any situation.

     Shortly after Queen Victoria succeeded to the throne of England, the Lord Chamberlain presented to her several documents that required her signature. Among them was a paper pertaining to a man who had committed a crime, and who had been sentenced to death. The queen’s signature was needed for his execution to be carried out.
     "And must I become a party to his death?" asked the eighteen-year-old queen. "I fear it is so, unless Your Majesty desires to exercise her royal prerogative of mercy!" To her delight, she was informed that she had the power to pardon the condemned man.
     "As an expression of the spirit in which I desire to rule, I will exercise my royal prerogative!" she said. She wrote the word pardoned on the document and the prisoner was set free.Manson Johnson
I.    Where to put your hope to get the maximum reward and where time or this world cannot destroy.

A. Put your hope in the eternal grace of God;

B. Put your hope in the goodness of God…

C. Put your hope in the faithfulness of God

D. Put your hope in the mercy of God

Eaton’s Bible Dictionary defines mercy as "compassion for the miserable…its object is misery."  Mercy is Divine help for human situations. Mercy is God’s supply from heaven that materializes into the proper earthly measures as it is appropriated by faith. Mercy is heaven’s solution that handles human problems. Mercy is compassion exercising pity staring in the face of truth or fact…Things every serious believer should know about God’s mercy:

A. Mercy is the character or make up of God; Exodus 34:6,7; II Corinthian 1:3

B. Mercy is God’s amazing actions toward His people when they need it; Isaiah 54:7; Micah 7:18

C. Mercy from God is plenteous to them who call upon the Lord; Psalm 86:5,15

D. Mercy from God is the ground for the believer’s hope; Psalm 130:7;147:11

E. The mercy of God is abundantly exemplified and magnified for us by Jesus Christ and His resurrection; I Peter 1:3

F. The mercy of God is always made available to them that seek Him; Isaiah 55:3; Hebrews 4:16; Psalm 136:1-26








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