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16 October 2013 Written by  Rev. Manson B. Johnson II



I Peter 3:8-(14,15,16)

                    Bible Fact: God is willing to keep those whose minds are stayed on Him in faith.
       The Big Idea: Hope in God is always filled with strong confidence that God can handle any situation.

     Archibald Rutledge told of seeing a bird build its nest, and then a storm came at night and destroyed it. The next morning as Rutledge lamented the loss, he heard a buzzing and twittering overhead. Stepping back into the bush, he observed the glimmering birds beginning a new home on the broken tip of the same branch on which the old one had rested.
    We glimpse similar courage by victims of disasters in places like Oklahoma, New Orleans, Mexico City, and all over the world where disaster once crippled a land. Hope always rebounds.
 Manson Johnson
I.    Where to put your hope to get the maximum reward and where time or this world cannot destroy.

A. Put your hope in the eternal grace of God;

B. Put your hope in the goodness of God…

C. Put your hope in the faithfulness of God

D. Put your hope in the mercy of God

E. Put your hope in the love of God

“As far as the east is from the west” (Psalm 103:12). Why did God not use “north-south” direction? An airplane going north would end at North Pole and then be going down south...but it would forever be heading eastward (or westward). When God forgives, He forgets. It is gone forever! It can never be recovered. A bumper sticker read: “A Christian is not perfect—He is forgiven.” God’s love is strong. God’s love is forgiving…Things every serious believer should know about God’s love:

1. God’s love can be seen in His giving;
     A. God’s love is who He is and He always acts out of His love; I John 4:7-12,16
     B. God’s love is an eternal fact towards us not an emotional feeling about us; Deuteronomy 7:8,13; Jeremiah 31:3
     C. God’s love and only His love motivates Him to give; John 3:16
     D. God’s love gives when it is most needed although undeserved; Romans 5:8
     E. The object of God’s love is to provide and restore sufficiency when life presents us with deficits; Jeremiah 31:1-13; Ezekiel 36:1-38
2.    God’s love can be seen in His forgiving;
     F. Gomer was assigned to Hosea in the most intimate social relationship, marriage.  Hosea, as the husband, represents God while Gomer, the wife, represents Israel locked into many mischievous adultery affairs. Hosea 1:2
     G. Gomer’s need for God’s love through repentance and forgiveness is demonstrated in her continued efforts to bare child after child by her flings of illicit outside relationships.  Hosea 1:3,6,8,9
3.    Hosea even attempts to get her children to plead for her to repent; 2:1,2, 5-7
     H. Gomer learned the true price of repentance from Hosea’s forgiving love; 2:14-23
     I. Hosea demonstrates that real forgiveness in the love of God pays whatever the price; 3:1-5









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