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01 November 2013 Written by  Rev. Manson B. Johnson II



I Peter 3:8-(14,15,16)

                    Bible Fact: God is willing to keep those whose minds are stayed on Him in faith.
       The Big Idea: Hope in God is always filled with strong confidence that God can handle any situation.

     Someone has said that if you could convince a man there was no hope, he would curse the day he was born. Hope is an indispensable quality of life.
December 17, 1927, the S-4 submarine was rammed by another ship and quickly sank. The entire crew was trapped in its prison house of death. Ships rushed to the scene of disaster off the coast of Massachusetts. We don’t know what took place down in the sunken submarine, but we can be sure that the men clung bravely to life as the oxygen slowly gave out.
A diver placed his helmeted ear to the side of the vessel and listened. He heard a tapping noise. Someone, he learned, was tapping out a question in the dots and dashes of the Morse Code. The question came slowly: “Is... there... any... hope?”
This seems to be the cry of humanity: “Is there any hope?” Hope, indeed, is the basis of all human existence in Christ!  Hope is what people seek when nothing else will answer their cause.
 Manson Johnson
I.    Where to put your hope to get the maximum reward and where time or this world cannot destroy.

A. Put your hope in the eternal grace of God;

B. Put your hope in the goodness of God…

C. Put your hope in the faithfulness of God

D. Put your hope in the mercy of God

E. Put your hope in the love of God

II.     What hope in God will do:

A.    Hope in God makes miracles happen from God that turn life’s negatives into positives.
B.    Miracles come from God when three (3) things happen:  pray, have faith and obey.
1.    Hope helped a woman with issue of blood 12 years that needed a miracle because her money ran out. Mark 5

A.    For 12 years the woman spent money in the opposite directions of her longing desire. vv.25,26
B.    Hearing of Jesus ignited her hope and stimulated her will to seek her healing outside of what earthly influences and horizontal relationships could accomplish for her. v.27
C.    The woman reduced all of her thoughts in her heart to put her hope in Jesus for her long awaited healing. vv.28,29,33,34
2.    Hope helped a woman with her empty meal barrel that needed a miracle because she was down to the bottom.  I Kings 17
A.    With hope in mind God will connect people and resources to make a miracle happen to solve a need. vv. 8-10
B.    In hope the woman had to release her faith before she could release her last handful that she was depending upon for her family’s futile future. vv.11,12
C.    Hope caused her to rearrange her personal priorities and put God in front of her desperate desire. vv. 13,14; Psalm 37:4
D.    Her trusted hope in God turned a meal barrel into a meal manufactory and her cruise of oil into a flowing refinery; vv.15,16; Ephesians 3:20

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