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06 November 2013 Written by  Rev. Manson B. Johnson II



I Peter 3:8-(14,15,16)

                    Bible Fact: God is willing to keep those whose minds are stayed on Him in faith.
       The Big Idea: Hope in God is always filled with strong confidence that God can handle any situation.

     In his book Winning Life’s Toughest Battles, psychologist Julius Segal wrote about the 25,000 soldiers who were held by the Japanese in POW camps during World War II. “Forced to exist under inhumane conditions, many of them died. Others, however, survived and eventually returned home. There was no reason to believe there was a difference in the stamina of these two groups of soldiers. The survivors, however, were different in one major respect: They confidently expected to be released someday. As described by Robins Readers in Holding On to Hope, ‘They talked about the kinds of homes they would have, the jobs they would choose, and even described the kind of person they would marry. They drew pictures on the walls to illustrate their dreams. Some even found ways to study subjects related to the kind of career they wanted to pursue.’” (The difference between life and death, is hope). By Matthew Kratz
 Manson Johnson
I.    Where to put your hope to get the maximum reward and where time or this world cannot destroy.

A. Put your hope in the eternal grace of God;

B. Put your hope in the goodness of God…

C. Put your hope in the faithfulness of God

D. Put your hope in the mercy of God

E. Put your hope in the love of God

II.     What hope in God will do:

A.    Hope in God makes miracles happen from God that turn life’s negatives into positives.
B.    Miracles come from God when three (3) things happen:  pray, have faith and obey.
1.    Hope helped a woman with issue of blood 12 years that needed a miracle because her money ran out. Mark 5

2. Hope helped a woman with her empty meal barrel that needed a miracle because she was down to the bottom. I Kings 17

3. Hope in God rescues and restores the soul from fear and agitations of life.

A.    God equips believers to fight against fear; II Timothy 1:7
B.    God specializes in rescue and restoration in return for praise; Psalm 23:3; Psalm 107
1.    God desires that His keeping mercy be realized through our daily learning events; vv.1-9
2.    God teaches His people to repent of their rebellious ways and turn to Him; vv.10-15
3.    God turns the foolish from his/her ways that they might rejoice in knowing Him; vv.16-22
4.    God guides the ways and experiences of successful people that they will know Him and give him praise; vv.23-32
5.    God is always in control of the responses of life and of His creation whatever the condition and will make them turn out for good and to bless His people with favor; vv.33-43; Romans 8:28

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