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12 November 2013 Written by  James Washington

Spiritually Speaking...

Power is the Word of this day. It’s probably one of the more misunderstood words in the secular as well as the Christian world. There are so many things we associate power with i.e. money, influence, authority and even intimidation. Supposedly, the more power you have the more you can affect the lives of others and for the sake of this column, I am asking you to look at how power might be used for your good and against the evil we all face on a daily basis. I think power is only understood when you use it or have it used against you. When it comes to the power of prayer, or the power of faith, or the power of the Lord, people tend to make up meaning based upon their own experiences. We say God is all powerful. There is nothing an omnipotent God cannot do. Every religion in the world gives all power to the God or Gods he or she worships. Christians believe God is all knowing, all powerful and is everywhere. God doesn’t have the answer. He is the answer. It is a truth to us. We believe power comes from truth. For example, there is inherent power in the truth of who Jesus Christ really was; who He is and who He will always be. That truth brings peace of mind. That peace of mind brings about power. I’m not talking about some ideological rhetorical power that one refers to in some romanticized sense. I’m talking about withstand the devil, stand up against evil, walk in the real world power.

 I am reminded when I read the bible that those who believed in and then acted upon the belief in the God we serve, they were, and in many parts of the world today, are still being persecuted in such a way, that their very existence is called into question. Can you imagine the power that exists when the threat of death doesn’t deter one’s faith in God’s promise of eternal existence? That kind of power allows you in the face of death to confess unwavering belief in God almighty. That kind of power is indeed all powerful. Peter’s fear had him deny Christ. Divine power realized allowed him to be crucified upside down, so I’m told. Let me cut to the chase. Have you ever wondered what gives some people the will to do right, act right, be right in the face of adversity, temptation and yes, the threat of death? What makes the righteous persevere? What is it about the righteous that strikes fear in the unrighteous? Why is the happily married man or woman the preferred target of the sinful suitor? I just believe power exercised is power realized. It is realized in the name of truth, in the name of faith and in the name of love. History reminds us that real power always becomes a threat and if possible, must be destroyed.

Is anybody trying to kill your spirit? Is your righteousness under attack? If not, then maybe you ain’t got no power. If not, maybe you are not yet at peace with God. If you were, then everyone around you would know it and you would automatically be a magnet for the righteous and a target for temptation. The internal power of faith resonates from you. It is a power you exercise, one that you realize because with it, nothing can deter you from the truth. “His divine power has given us everything needed for life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.” 2 Peter 1:3. We have come by our power honestly. It is real and given to us to be used in His name. I urge everyone who feels powerless due to situations and circumstances to read the rest of this chapter. By doing so and exercising an understanding of this gift through power, we secure all of God’s promises. If you don’t believe me, surely you believe God.

May God bless and keep you always, James

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