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19 November 2013 Written by  James Washington

Spiritually Speaking...

For someone who grew up when I did, the question of Jesus Christ continues to mystify many of my friends, when it comes to my newest hero. I mean if you think of Christianity as some kind of sanitized version of European colonialism, then there is no wonder that many regard this faith as a cop out when compared to the ancient older religions of the world, particularly Africa. However, when you do due diligence and study, then it becomes clear how the religion of Christ has been manipulated down through the ages for political purposes. But isn’t that the case with every religion? Man still kills in the name of God; whatever name that might be. And so it has been and so it is now. Religious conflict is still the single reason most people die at the hands of their fellow man (see Middle East, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan to name a few). Faith seems to be a dangerous commodity in this world.

 Before I go too far down that road, allow me to merely put forward the life of Christ as one, that has caught and held, not only, my attention but, my admiration, my respect, my praise and my worship. As I’ve said many a time, Jesus was and is and will ever be a bad man. Folk can say whatever they want to but this guy was a man’s man. He was a rebel, a revolutionary and dare I say, probably a socialist, if you take his stance on feeding the poor into consideration. He was definitely anti-establishment. I can’t think of anyone who was more anti-status quo than Christ. He was outspoken, selfless, self confident, shameless, giving and loving, and who was more committed to their beliefs? This man was a teacher, a provider, an obedient son, respectful of His elders, a blessing to all who would listen and I suppose you could characterize him as, larger than life. I’m not trying to convince you of anything. I’m just trying to give you some perspective on why He is my lord and Savior. God or godliness aside, this is a man I’ve come to admire; so much for what He stood for as also for what He said. I mean c’mon, the man died for me. They tell me there is something special about leading men who would die for the cause you represent. I mean who wouldn’t want to change the hearts and minds of people to be more tolerant and accepting of that which makes us all part of the same family known as mankind? Who among us cannot accept the concept of a love so strong that even unto death, it cannot be weakened but yet as a result, is strengthened for all time? People have and continue to die for simply trying to practice what he stood and died for.

I just encourage you to read for yourself what has been written about him. Too many would distort His reality to keep you down in order to keep themselves up. There are Jesus Hustlers among us and use His name for their personal gain. I could of course go on for some time but that is not my intent today. I just wanted to give you some of the perspective on why I write this column; where the foundation of this thing came from. Jesus came to be a blessing and I’m just trying to follow His lead.

May God bless and keep you always, James

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