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26 November 2013 Written by  Rev. Manson B. Johnson II


Matthew 13:1-9

                    Bible Fact: The Bible is the infallible word of God and the primary authorized written source that gives Divine instructions to all true Christians.

Bible Text: John 16:7,13; Acts 1:8

Aim: To lead students to accept the Holy Ghost as the promise of Jesus Christ to them personally and to encourage them to be guided by His will for their decisions and daily living.

     According to Acts 1:8 I am to be a witness for the Lord Jesus Christ everywhere that I go.  Norman Cates shared the humorous story of a guy who prayed this prayer every morning: “Lord, if you want me to witness to someone today, please give me a sign to show me who it is.” One day he found himself on a bus when a big, burly man sat next to him. The bus was nearly empty but this guy sat next to our praying friend. The timid Christian anxiously waited for his stop so he could exit the bus. But before he could get very nervous about the man next to him, the big guy burst into tears and began to weep. He then cried out with a loud voice, “I need to be saved. I’m a lost sinner and I need the Lord. Won’t somebody tell me how to be saved?” He turned to the Christian and pleaded, “Can you show me how to be saved?” The believer immediately bowed his head and prayed, “Lord, is this a sign?” Some people are looking for a “sign” to start witnessing when God has put a witness right next to them.    

I will continue to study Acts Chapter 10 to learn more about how the Holy Spirit can use me as a witness.
Manson Johnson

I. In vv.34,35 I noticed how the Holy Spirit takes charge of His mission mentioned in Acts 1:8 and began to manifest it in the Christian understanding of Peter.
A. I will enter into conversation with others about how important it is to follow the ministry of the Holy Spirit to any culture of people that He leads one to.
B. I can also show others how valuable it is to the kingdom of God not to be presumptuous with cultural prejudices and to make best efforts to get the gospel out to all human beings.

II. In vv.36,37 I notice how important it is to know the biblical background of Christianity when witnessing to others, especially other cultures.

 III. In v.38 I notice how Peter made Jesus the center of the power, practice and promise of God in his witness to others.  As Peter witnessed, it is interesting that he never used an instance where Christ had personally helped him with a problem that he had (healed his mother-in-law). Peter kept the light on what Jesus had done for others.

 IV. I notice in vv.39-43 how accurately Peter described the Christian Church’s purpose of Jesus Christ’s prophetic salvation mission and presented it at a level that anyone or any age can receive it as an understandable message.
A.    I can discuss the point made above in collaboration with Acts 8:26-40 as another like application of how The Holy Spirit desires all Christians to share the prophetic message about Jesus as our Savior.

V.    In vv.44-48 I observe the consistency of The Holy Spirit’s powerful anointing to functionalize His presence upon and within human beings that no one but God can get the glory.
A.     I can discuss with others why water baptism comes after the baptism of the Spirit.


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