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11 December 2013 Written by  Rev. Manson B. Johnson II

Lesson 3 : Harvesting The Seed Of Hope In You

Matthew 13:1-9

                    Bible Fact: God has put a capacity for hope in Him within the heart of all people for them to discover their life purpose and dreams.

The Big Idea: Hope in God is life’s greatest human asset that is always available to all people.

 Exodus 23:16 


Many people who already attend Church on a regular basis still have questions about how to acquire their harvest.  They have question like:

  • How do I reap my harvest blessings from my faith?
  • How do I recognize when God has answered my harvest blessing?
  • Why hasn’t God flooded my fields with harvest as He has others in my Church?
  • If God cares for me how come I’m not prospering according to my prayers?
  • If God loves His people why do Christians suffer financially like unbelievers?
  • Why do unbelievers prosper in this world and Christians do not?
  • How come tithing doesn’t work for me?
  • Why doesn’t God meet my financial needs when I request Him to?

     These are questions that good members of the Christian Church are often plagued with but never speak loudly about. This lesson is designed to give some comfort to as many of these questions as possible.  There are as many more ques tions that people have as to why they are not being blessed than we have time to answer. Many members of the Christian Church are living off of personal consequences rather than consistent with the word of God.  Consistency helps to establish a better compliance rate for increase.  Both compliance and consistency are critical to the healthy increase in one’s harvest.  Let us spend time in short order on how to make your harvest happen.

I. Develop a passion for loving God; Deuteronomy 6:4-9

A. Passion drives purpo se

II. Develop a practice of respecting God’s requests and instructions that apply to your increase; Deuteronomy 8:1-20

A. Practices are demonstrations of principles.

III. Accept the faithful promi ses of God for your increase; Exodus 23:20;

A. Note the three things God will do for His people in the verse

IV. Plant seeds in compliance to God’s will for your increase;  Galatians 6:7

A. Plant proportionately how much you want to receive.

V. Pray the will of God for your harvest; John 15:7; Acts 10:1-4

A. Plant by faith believing and trusting God for your outcome;

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