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04 July 2014 Written by  Tyrone Willis

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What’s the T?
The 2014 Jack and Jill Houston Chapter Debutantes discuss important topics with the Honorable Judge Vanessa Gilmore & City of Houston Council Member of District D Dwight Boykins was also in Judge Gilmore’s courtroom along with several members of the Houston Chapter of Jack and Jill of America Inc. Janice Sparks, Stelena Evans, & Willetta Rucker. The young ladies who become debutantes prepare themselves spiritually, intellectually, and socially for transcending from childhood to adulthood. The purpose of the debutante celebration is to build character, social grace, and the self-esteem of young ladies and that they may take productive leadership roles in their professions, homes, and communities. Tea with Judge Gilmore was the tea that lead to the Houston Chapter of Jack and Jill of America Inc. 2014 Debutante’s Leadership Empowerment Weekend. Certainly great leaders in our community the Honorable Vanessa Gilmore & Dwight Boykins gave great advice to all who were in attendance. The 2014 Debutantes of the Houston Chapter of Jack & Jill of America will be presented to society later this year December 2014.

Dare to Be Different
Dare to be Different was the challenge given by the People’s Family Workshop founder & current president Dr. Howard Harris on the evening of June 29th at the Jewish Community Center  as the People’s Family Workshop gathered together to enjoy amazing performances by talented individuals that included former American Idol Contestant Vincent Powell, Wy5 Band, Justus Johnson, Phoebe Willis, Freje Randall, & the dynamic trio Trip Terror. The People’s Workshop is back and in full force. The People’s Workshop continues to serve as a vehicle for fostering talent development and exposure around activities in which any individual can come together & participate. Former participants of the People’s Workshop include Beyonce & Yolanda Adams.

On the Run...
Addressing Human Trafficking 
Forward Times was on site at Sewell Cadillac on June 26th at 6:30 p.m. for the launch of Texas Freedom Run a charity that addresses human trafficking led by Mr. Jason Arcemont who pledges to run 850 miles across Texas this upcoming October and hopes to put an end to child sex trafficking everywhere especially here in Texas. Many may ask what is human trafficking? Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery in that it involves controlling a person through fraud or force to exploit people through forced labor, sexual exploitation, or both. Human trafficking strips victims of his or her freedom and violates his or her human rights and dignity. Victims of human trafficking represent a wide range of various backgrounds in terms of nationality, education, age, or even socio-economical status, but one that is usually shared by many is that of vulnerability. This is a growing problem not only in the City of Houston but for the nation.


2014 Houston Pride Parade
Forward Times glided with pride with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee as she participated in 2014 Houston’s Pride Parade on Saturday June 27th in Midtown Houston. Pride Houston’s core mission is to strengthen equality for all and increase awareness around issues important to the LGBT community such as health, safety and marriage equality. Pride Houston continues to celebrates the individuality and diversity of every person everywhere. Grand Marshals of the 2014 Pride Houston Parade were Christina Gorczynski, J.D. Doyle, Sara & Fernando Aramburo. Spotted in the crowd included Jessica Barraza, Ivan Sanchez, Kathryn Griffin-Townsend, & Bronson Woods.


Blood on the Leaves
Forward Times felt like a butterfly when attending the amazing performance of the Blood on the Leaves (BOTL). Blood on the Leaves is the title of Urban Soul Dance Company’s dance performance under the artistic direction of Mr. Harrison Guy. This production is inspired by the song “Strange Fruit” written by Abel Meeropol. The performance was thought provoking that included topics that discussed violence, racism & gender inequality all expressed through dance. If you missed this amazing performance Blood on the Leaves this time around you will have to wait until next season so stay tuned.

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