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01 October 2013 Written by  Nicholas A. Norman

High School Football Games - Week 5


Game of the Week: Furr vs. Washington

When: Thursday @ 7:00

Where: Delmar Stadium

Outlook: These two teams both have only lost one game. Whoever wins this game can use that momentum heading into the next stretch of the season. Both have mobile quarterbacks who aren’t afraid to run. Whichever team can force turnovers on defense will win this game.

Key Players for Furr: QB Avery Davis, WR Stacy Piro, RB Brandon Foster

Key Players for Washington: QB Xavier McGee, RB Neal Blacklock, WR Dytrell Richards

Norman’s pick: Washington 37-31

High School Football Games

Furr vs. Washington
7:00pm (@ Delmar Stadium)

Scarborouch vs Yates
7:00pm (@ Barnett Stadium)

Wheatley vs. Sharpstown
7:00pm (@ Butler Stadium)

Reagan vs. Milby
7:00pm (@ Barnett Stadium)

Madison vs. Bellaire
7:00pm (@ Butler Stadium)

Davis vs. Lee
7:00pm (@ Delmar Stadium)

North Forest vs. Austin
7:00pm (@ Dyer Stadium)

Westside vs. Westbury
6:00pm (@ Butler Stadium)

Sterling vs. Jones
6:00pm (@ Barnett Stadium)

Sam Houston vs. Chavez
6:00pm (@ Delmar Stadium)

Worthing vs Kashmere
6:00pm (@ Dyer Stadium)

Nimitz vs Elsik
6:00pm (@ Crump Stadium)

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