Houston Forward Times

13 December 2011 Written by  Nicholas Norman

Houston’s Reliant Stadium will Be Home To Super Bowl LI

The stage is set and the votes are in. On Monday, May 21st, NFL owners cast their ballots for the cities that will host both Super Bowl L and Super Bowl LI.  On the ballot for Super Bowl L, the San Francisco and Miami Dolphins squared off pitching why their cities are the best location for the Super Bowl. In the end, San Francisco won the bid to host the monumental Super Bowl L (50). With the new stadium almost complete, San Francisco used technology and innovation to propel their bid to the top.

The loser of the bid for Super Bowl L would square off against Houston for the bid of Superbowl LI. Miami cited its long history of hosting Super Bowls as well as the area of South Beach, while Houston promoted its rich cultural diversity and its success of hosting Super Bowl XXXVIII. In the end, voters picked Houston over Miami.

Houston has had great success hosting major athletic events in both the Superbowl and NBA All-Star games. With the Super Bowl coming back to Houston, it will be great for the local business and overall attractiveness of the city.

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