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30 December 2013 Written by  Nicholas A. Norman

The Houston Texans have Secured the First Pick in the 2014 NFL Draft

 The Houston Texans are now on the clock. After losing their final game of the 2013-14 season to the Tennessee Titans, the Texans have plunged from Super Bowl hopeful to the worst team in the league. How this happens is anyone’s guess but there are strong arguments to be made for both injuries and shoddy quarterback play. 

Running back Arian Foster missed the bulk of the year with a back injury and his backup Ben Tate eventually was shut down as well. With viable targets on DeAndre Hopkins, Pro Bowl star Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels, the Texans should have been able to assist their battered and bruised backfield with a spike in aerial production.

This is where names such as Matt Schaub and Case Keenum come in. Schaub was once considered one of the brightest field generals in football is now a national punch line after his physical and mental skills deteriorated into a mush that resembles puréed vegetables.

“I’m glad what we went through is over,” Texans receiver Andre Johnson said. “I wouldn’t wish a season like this on anybody.” The Texans 16-10 loss at the hands of a Titans team that is nearly equally as woeful pretty much guarantees that the Texans will have a new face of the franchise when training camp opens next summer. 

The team will know who their next coach will be sooner than later. The candidate that earns the title will dictate whether a seasoned veteran will be recruited via free agency or if the Texans will opt to draft a young gun.

After losing 14 straight games, defensive coordinator/interim head coach Wade Phillips summed it up best. “We got in a whirlpool and it never ended,” Phillips said. “We finished up just like we started.”
Houston texans general manager Rick Smith attended Saturday night’s Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando, Florida to watch Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. Smith is also looking at other potential quarterbacks that might declare for the draft. Houston obviously knows they need a franchise quarterback this offseason. 

Considering the Texans have most tools in place to have a great team I feel they should sign a proven veteran quarterback that has great leadership to go along with a great arm. Schaub folded when the games were on the line. Keenum had sparks but could not find a way to win. With DeAndre Hopkins getting a full offseason to train with future Hall of Fame receiver Andre Johnson, the two together should be on of the best tandems in the NFL.  

What options could there be at quarterback? My top picks are Jay Cutler and Michael Vick. Vick would be the my favorite but the Texans may shy away because he has been unable to stay healthy in recent years.  

To win now, I think Vick would give them the best chances. Then they can draft Jadaveon Clowny or Jake Matthews all while getting a solid quarterback in the second round like A.J. McCarron of Alabama or Blake Bortles of UCF if they are still available. This will give them time to learn and develop while not having the pressure to perform right away. (Think Aaron Rodgers).

Either way we speculate, the Texans are definitely making some changes this offseason. Until then, Houston Texans, you are now on the clock.

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