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30 December 2013 Written by  Nicholas A. Norman

Rockets Could Be Trading Jeremy Lin Too

The Houston Rockets could send Jeremy Lin to Chicago. It’s no secret that the Houston Rockets are desperately trying to find a trade for Omer Asik. But now, it seems like Jeremy Lin could also be on the move. According to reports, the Chicago Bulls are in discussions with the Houston Rockets about a potential trade for Jeremy Lin. The deal would include a third team, most possibly the Atlanta Hawks. Let me break it down.

The report states that Lin would be to Chicago, while the Bulls would give away Luol Deng. Chicago would also receive Elton Brand and DeMarre Carroll. The Hawks would end up receiving Omer Asik. In this scenario, it seems like every part would be benefited.

The Bulls desperately need of a point guard and a scorer, due to the absence of their superstar leader Derrick Rose. Of course, Jeremy Lin isn’t as productive and as skilled as Rose. Nonetheless, he is a terrific scorer and he is a player who can emerge as the star of the team. Lin has the ability to create his own offense and he is also a player who draws much defensive attention.

This season, Lin is averaging 14.7 points per game to go along with 4.2 assists, 2.6 rebounds and 1.1 steals. In 29.8 minutes per game he is shooting 49.5 percent from the floor and 38.9 percent from three-point territory. His numbers are impressive and he does all that while splitting time at the point guard position with Patrick Beverly.

However, the Rockets wouldn’t have much trouble sending away Jeremy Lin in order to receive a star like Luol Deng. The presences of the young and emerging Patrick Beverly and the experienced veteran Aaron Brooks are enough for Head Coach Kevin McHale to fill his point guard position.

In addition, an acquisition of a player like Luol Deng could really take the Rockets to the next level. With him onboard, they will have enough firepower to become true championship contenders. Deng could be used either off the bench or at the starting small forward position, with Chandler Parsons slipping to the power forward. This is a lineup that seems truly powerful, with James Harden and Patrick Beverly at the backcourt and Howard dominating the middle.

The Rockets would thus see a significant upgrade in their perimeter defense. Luol Deng is a player who is known for his exceptional defensive skills and the security Howard provides inside will make his performance in the perimeter even better.

The Atlanta Hawks would also see an upgrade in their front court. The presence of Omer Asik would give size to the team’s frontline. The Bulls would also be benefited, at least for this season, since Lin would be an upgrade for the team at the point guard position. So it’s a deal that works for every party involved. It might sound like a weird scenario but it might actually work. And it could be reality sooner than expected, before the winter trade deadline.

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