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18 July 2013 Written by  Forward Times

13th Annual 1000 Women in White

   Thirteen years ago, Sister Alice Elizabeth Thomas had a vision of 1000 Women in White coming together in unity, praise, prayer and worship. This event would prelude the grand opening of each Annual Session and would involve all Women Auxiliaries of Independent. The event was designed to show the unity and strength of our association of women.
  Besides that, the vision had a two-fold purpose to emphasize Christian values in support to facilities that are designed to help persons or families that are in transitional situations.  A large portion of the proceeds would be donated to that cause and other areas to benefit our association. Several years we have given financial support to the Breast Cancer Awareness organization.
   2001 was a very blessed year for our Chairperson. She had just been appointed by Rev. Dr. F.N.Williams, Sr., who was currently the Moderator to lead the Senior Mission Auxiliary No. 2.  This appointment came after the death of the President, Sis. Claudia Johnson where Sis. Thomas served as her 1st Vice President.
  Sis. Thomas had another occurrence in her life during the year of 2001. She became the Senior Women Missionary Union President for the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc., where Dr. Stephen J. Thurston serves as General President of the convention. Her devout leadership qualities and humble spirit are the attributes she possesses.
  The Presidents of the IMBGA Women Auxiliaries each chair the program for 2 years.  Sister Alice Thomas’ vision for such a day has always received the support of the other Auxiliaries leaders. There has always been a spirit of cooperation and unity for the cause of this grand ole association.
   Since the inception, we have not reached our goal of 1000 Women.  During the first year, we counted at least 925 . But we have not lost faith or hope.  We believe that every year is the year to reach our goal of 1000 women who would give $10.00 or more to reach our financial goal of $10,000.  
  This IMBGA presentation of the 1000 Women in White will be held on July 21, 2013, 3:00 p.m. at Holman Street Baptist Church, 3501 Holman, Houston, Texas 77004, Rev. Manson B. Johnson is the Pastor/Host. Rev. Dr. C. L. Wallace, Moderator, Sis. Alice Thomas, Chairperson and Co-Chairs are; Sis. Ida Evans, Sis. Fay Hill, Sis. Loretta Craft, Sis. Linda McLean-Allen, Tarriel Horton and Sis. Shonda Green. 

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