Houston Forward Times

20 August 2013 Written by  Forward Times Staff


This historically African American community will peacefully protest the dedication of the new Lockhart Elementary School building located at 3200 Rosedale Street on Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 9:00AM. The Community has repeatedly approached the HISD board and personnel, including Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier to express the desire for the dual name of Turner-Lockhart Elementary School in order to retain the name of both African American community leaders. The District refuses to follow the newly implemented board policy regarding naming schools that are consolidated. The policy was implemented due to the consistent outcries of the community but the board refuses to retroactively follow the board policy regarding the naming of this school due to the resistance of the District 4 Trustee.

Houston’s Third Ward community is fed up with HISD’s deaf ear to their concerns and requests. With countless school closings and 4 leadership changes in 4 years at Jack Yates High School, safety concerns and incomplete construction at Cullen Middle School, the only middle school in the area with the recent closing of Ryan Middle School, the reading crisis indicated by recent Stanford test scores, the looming closing of Jack Yates High School due to the reduction in feeder pattern schools and viable vocational programs and finally the proposed opening of the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice at the old Lockhart site, this community is weary of the disrespect and the attempts to close down quality education in our community schools.

The preparation for this protest will be on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, August 20 and 21st from 5:30PM to 6:30PM (both evenings) at the Pilgrim United Church of Christ Community Center located at 3118 Blodgett in Houston’s Third Ward.

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