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06 November 2013 Written by  Jeffrey L. Boney

Raped, Victimized and Handcuffed: Teenager Sexually Assaulted by Substitute Teacher at Houston Area High School

An Aldine Independent School District (ISD) substitute teacher has been relieved of her job duties after being accused of allegedly having inappropriate sexual interactions with a high school male student.

 Community activist Quanell X, along with the mother of the 16-year old Benjamin Davis High School student, held a press conference this past Thursday where they allege that the teacher not only sent sexually graphic photos to the teenager, but held sexually explicit conversations with him as well.

Quanell X told the Houston Forward Times that the substitute teacher and alleged assailant is married and is 27 years of age.

The mother of the teenager not only had to deal with the discovery of the teacher’s interaction with her son, she also had to deal with the fact that the police treated her son like the criminal, rather than the victim.

According to the mother, her son jumped on his usual school bus to head home when he was approached by Aldine ISD police officers who took him off of the school bus; searched him; handcuffed in front of his peers; placed him in the backseat of the police car; and then took him inside to the office.

“I just don’t understand the handcuff part at all,” said the mother of the 16-year old student.  “I don’t understand how they questioned him. I don’t understand why they did not call me for maybe three to four hours. I am hurt and outraged.”

Quanell X states that Aldine ISD police informed them they handcuffed the young man for his own protection, but he argues that the teenager was neither combative nor disrespectful, but had become the victim of a negative stereotype often attributed to Black young males in America.

“In the eyes of law enforcement, a young Black man can’t be the victim of a crime,” said Quanell X.  “Why would Aldine ISD police take the rape victim, handcuff the victim, put him in the back of a police car, take him in the office and then intimidate him and threaten him about what happened. This is a victim. This is a child.”

Both Quanell X and the mother believe that law enforcement at Aldine ISD was blatantly insensitive towards a young Black male victim.

“If the roles had been reversed and there was a male perpetrator that committed this act of sexual deviancy, Aldine ISD police would not have treated the female victim the way they treated this young man,” said Quanell X.

The 16-year old Benjamin Davis High School student has been shaken up by the incident and is having trouble coping with what has happened.

“It’s something I’ve never experienced before,” said the 16-year-old teenager. “All the attention is kind of making me lose focus on my work, and it’s really hard, everybody knowing who I am, but not for the right reasons.”

The young man claims that on two separate occasions, the substitute teacher drove over to his apartment and solicited him to come down from the apartment to have sexual encounters with him in the car.

The inappropriate relationship was uncovered when he and several other students were viewing sexually explicit pictures that the substitute teacher sent to him while in another class. That teacher asked the young man what he was looking at and confiscated his phone.  It was then that the teacher saw the sexually explicit photos of an adult African-American woman and began questioning him and asking him who the woman was and where he got the pictures from.  After threatening to report the photos to the principal and to his parents, the young man confessed that the pictures were of the substitute teacher, who was teaching a class downstairs.  The teacher took the phone downstairs and was floored to discover that the pictures in the phone were of that substitute teacher.  The teacher immediately reported it to the principal because this was an adult interacting with minors in an inappropriate manner.  After getting out of school and hopping on the bus to go home, that is when police were notified and he was pulled off the bus in front of everyone.

Investigators questioned other students and friends of the victim and found that many of them were in receipt of the naked pictures of the substitute teacher also. 

According to Quanell X, the Aldine ISD police have been holding the student victim’s cell phone since the incident.  He also states that law enforcement knows where she is, but the substitute teacher still has not been arrested and is refusing to cooperate with authorities.

Harris County law enforcement and the Harris County District Attorney’s office have subpoenaed the substitute teacher’s phone records and charges are pending as soon as they gain access to those phone records.  The victim’s mother signed the subpoena for her son’s phone records this past Saturday morning.

Aldine ISD issued a brief statement saying the investigation is ongoing, and that the substitute teacher is no longer allowed on any of its campuses.

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