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26 November 2013 Written by  Jeffrey L. Boney

Foul Play or Not? Jasper Man Goes Missing; Family Seeks Answers

Alfred Wright, a 28 year old African American male, went missing on November 7th and was last seen by the clerk at CL&M Grocery located at 4650 State Highway 87 South, Hemphill, TX, and has not been seen since.

Alfred, who to those who know him is affectionately known as “Alfie”, is a very well respected and beloved member of his community.  He is a graduate of the University of Tennessee with a degree in physical therapy and has been serving his community as a Physical Therapist. Wright is also married and the father of three young children.

Amid accusations and assumptions of foul play concerning Wright’s disappearance, Private Investigator Chuck Foreman of CFSI International has gathered with Wright’s family and members of the community to continue efforts of locating him. 

On the day Wright disappeared, he was driving along a rural section of State Highway 87 near Hemphill and began having trouble with his truck. With his truck broken down, Wright made a call to his wife at 6:19 PM and gave his wife detailed directions concerning where he was so that someone could come and pick him up.  That was the last time anyone had heard from him.

As the search for Wright intensified, new information came to light which has made it all the more urgent that his family and members of the community increase their united efforts to find him.  According to reports, there is a strong possibility that Wright may have been using a new synthetic stimulant known as “bath salts” for an energy boost as he carried out his day to day tasks and while he awaited someone to come help him with his vehicle. 

Bath salts are similar to amphetamines in that they cause stimulant effects much like an energy pill however many sources cite hallucinations, extreme paranoia and delusions as potential negative side effects. Bath salts were legal in Texas until September of last year. Foreman believes that Wright may have partaken in this synthetic drug and could have possibly had a negative reaction to the drug, which could have led to his being seen leaving the area on foot.

“It is crucial that the search for Alfie continue,” says Foreman. “This is a member of the community who may be disoriented or lost and needing help. With the temperature being low as a cold front moves through the potential for hypothermia is also a major concern.”

Although Wright is known to be in peak physical condition, it is believed that he may have had a negative reaction to the bath salts which has the potential to last for days. This revelation has his family and members of the community gravely concerned about his well-being and the public’s help is being solicited to help locate Wright, as weather concerns could not bode well for the young man.

It is apparent by the show of support from all of the community, regardless of race, this is a town determined to find out what happened. Foreman has been out with many members of the community to complete an organized ground search in the area where Wright was last seen. The past several weeks have proven to be a challenge for search organizers, as temperatures were low and they had to deal with the consistent element of rain.

Foreman states that he will continue with investigative efforts until Wright is located.  He stresses that this is not a situation about racial issues, but rather is a situation about a man who is missing from his family.

“This is about a father of three, husband, son and brother who is missing,” said Foreman. “We need to do everything possible to locate this family’s loved one.

Anyone who is willing to assist in the search or who has any information concerning Alfred Wright’s whereabouts or with information concerning his disappearance is encouraged to contact Private Investigator Chuck Foreman of CFSI International at 512-644-9856.

Chuck Foreman is licensed in the State of Texas in various specialties within the security & investigations fields. Mr. Foreman served 10 years in the U.S. Army with an emphasis in special operations. He is also the CEO & Founder of the Center for Search & Investigations for Missing Children, a pending non-profit organization. CFSI for Missing Children is comprised of only volunteers who donate their time to raise awareness of the growing epidemic of children that go missing and those that are in danger of human trafficking.  If you wish to learn more about Mr. Foreman or CFSI for Missing Children please visit www.cfsimissing.com.

Investigator Chuck Foreman said the body of Alfred Wright, 28, was found during a ground search conducted by the family, around 4 p.m. He was found with no clothes on, near the same location he went missing, near Coussans Road. Foreman said the investigation is now being conducted by the Texas Rangers.

Sheriff Tom Maddox said he could not confirm if the body was that of Wright's, but it is now known that it was Wright. Currently, there is no cause of death. Earlier Monday, Foreman said an investigation showed Wright may have been using a substance known as bath salts for an energy boost.

Federal court documents discovered Monday night confirmed Foreman's suspicion, as a report filed with the Sabine County Sheriff's Office indicates Wright's wife told deputies Wright may have been using an unknown substance causing him to be paranoid. The document was a petition for a warrant for Wright's arrest, as he had violated his bond conditions. Wright was scheduled for a federal trial in Tennessee, on a bank embezzlement charge.

On November 8th, a K-9 tracking unit located a blue scrub shirt, undershirt tangled up in a barbed-wire fence, a card holder with Wright's bank and credit cards, one black sock and a pair of blue scrub pants, according to the narrative. On November 9th, the search resumed with help from the local fire department and volunteers and the search yielded a belt and a piece of Wright's undershirt near a barbed-wire fence. Wright's wife confirmed the belt as Wright's, which he used for his job as a physical therapist.

Wright’s family is demanding answers, stating that the Sabine County Sheriff’s office failed to properly search the Coussans Road area. We are being told that Quanell X is planning a protest at the Sabine County Sheriff’s office soon and is demanding answers as to how the investigation and search was handled, along with finding out exactly how Wright died.

More details are forthcoming, so stay tuned and the Houston Forward Times will keep you up-to-date on details.

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