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04 December 2013 Written by  Jeffrey L. Boney


Princess JacksonWhile other 10-year olds are writing letters to ask Santa what they want for Christmas, young child actress Princess Jackson is creating movements that focus on helping others beyond herself.

The “Sock out Poverty” campaign, birthed by Princess, came as a result of her having a conversation with her dad (an HPD officer) about the number of homeless people he saw without socks, while he was on patrol. Princess immediately sprang into action and came up with a quick solution to purchase socks and pass them out to every man, woman and child in the community, who she found in need of a decent pair of socks. Princess, who happens to have a fondness for socks, came up with the idea to raise donations and bring awareness to “Sock out Poverty.”

“We brought the idea to Wal-Mart first, so that Princess could set up a table outside and collect socks,” stated her mom Phyllis. “We quickly found out that Wal-Mart no longer allowed people to set up outside and solicit from customers.”
Through her persistence, Princess reached out the manager of Wal-Mart and once they realized that her mission was to collect socks, they immediately came on board to partner with Princess and help donate socks to the “Sock out Poverty” campaign. Soon after, Little Lord and Ladies, a children’s boutique, heard about the “Sock out Poverty” campaign and came on board as a key drop-off point to receive socks for the campaign.
As evidenced by her campaign to help others, one can quickly recognize that Princess Jackson isn’t your normal young person.  As a matter of fact, Princess is a child “Star on the Horizon!”
To date, Princess has been featured in a national brand campaign for “Wholly Guacamole” and has also starred in two short films which one has been selected to show in the Film Festival in San Diego. When she is not acting, Princess loves to give back to the community by volunteering her time to feed the homeless and others in need.  Princess’ passion for giving back to the community is evident in all that she does and she is excited about the opportunity to partner with Wal-Mart to “Sock out Poverty” one step at a time.
If you wish to assist Princess with her campaign, socks can be dropped off at Little Lords and Ladies, located at 6100 Westheimer Rd. #138A or you can call 713.498.0552 for more information. The “Sock out Poverty” campaign will continue until December 24th, ending with Princess delivering socks to those in need across the Greater Houston area.

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