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Lauren Wright, wife of Alfred Wright and Family Call for FBI Investigation Lauren Wright, wife of Alfred Wright and Family Call for FBI Investigation
15 January 2014 Written by  Jeffrey L. Boney

Bombshell Autopsy Report Reveals Murder, Lies and Alleged Cover-up

Alfred Wright Rally 2 - CopyBombshell new revelations based on a private independent second autopsy performed by Houston forensic pathologist Lee Ann Grossberg show evidence that Alfred Wright, the 28-year old African American man from Jasper, Texas who mysteriously disappeared, was murdered.

"Based on the investigation I have a high index of suspicion that this is a homicide," said Grossberg. "I base that opinion on circumstances surrounding the death; how and where the body was found; and my findings at autopsy."

Earlier this month, authorities released a preliminary autopsy report on Wright, stating that his body only had shallow puncture wounds, but also stated there was no evidence showing severe trauma or indicating foul play. After the initial autopsy results came back showing no true cause of death, the family decided to pay for their own independent second autopsy, because they believed foul play was involved.

The Houston Forward Times has been extensively covering this case from the beginning and has been in constant communication with the Wright family and with Quanell X concerning the latest details surrounding the case.

According to family members, the independent second autopsy revealed Wright had his tongue removed, throat slashed, two teeth knocked out, an ear missing and many more things that give them absolute assurance that Wright was murdered. The official autopsy, released by the medical examiner, did not reveal any of the findings that the second autopsy produced.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 aired a segment this past Monday detailing the disappearance and death of Alfred Wright.

Wright was reported missing on November 7, 2013, and suddenly disappeared without a trace after his truck had stalled on his way home. After receiving little to no help from the Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox and his department, the family, with help from community activist Quanell X, formed their own search party and eventually found Wright’s body on Nov. 25, 2013, less thanAlfred Wright Rally 3 150 yards from where he went missing. 

Sabine County authorities gave up looking for Wright after three days.

Annilia Wright-Mosley, Wright’s sister, said that Sheriff Maddox has continuously lied to her family and has failed to assist at every level concerning her brother’s mysterious disappearance.

"Sheriff Maddox has been extremely insensitive and disrespectful to my family since day one of my brother going missing," said Wright-Mosley. "He made my mother cry when he told her that he was missing out on going on a hunting trip, because he had to look for her son." 

Wright family attorney Ryan MacLeod told CNN that Sheriff Maddox offered no comfort to the family during this ordeal, despite the fact that Sheriff Maddox’s daughter and Wright had been friends for some time.

MacLeod says Sheriff Maddox has done nothing but lie to the Wright family and they want answers as to what really happened.

To add to the lies, MacLeod says Sheriff Maddox told family members that they were tracking Wright’s whereabouts through his cell phone for two days, and then on the third he claimed they didn’t do that because AT&T wouldn’t allow them. 

According to Quanell X and family members, another lie that Sheriff Maddox told was that the search party or law enforcement had not been granted permission to search for Wright’s body, in the area where he was eventually found, by the property owner.  Private Investigator Chuck Foreman, who was originally hired by the family to investigate Wright’s disappearance, reached out to the property owner who told them he never told Sheriff Maddox they could not search his premises for Wright’s body. 

Family members believe Wright’s body may have been moved and they want to get to the bottom of what happened, beginning with law enforcement officials addressing the results of the independent second autopsy that was performed.

Bernsen Law Firm, the law firm representing the Wright family, issued a press release stating the Texas Rangers’ autopsy report failed to explain apparent signs of severe trauma found on Alfred’s body, revealed by the independent second autopsy. One of the firm’s many concerns include the actions of a local member of law enforcement who began communicating toxicological findings with the general public even though that same person told members of the Wright family that no toxicology report was in existence.

Family members, including Wright’s wife Lauren, claim Wright was not a drug user. 

Sheriff Maddox blamed a drug overdose for Wright’s disappearance, well before his deceased body was even found -- to make matters worse, the official autopsy from the medical examiner’s office revealed Wright likely died from a drug overdose, but there has been no additional information from the medical examiner’s office that details just how long and when the drugs actually entered into Wright’s system.

The family believes the drugs were injected into Wright’s system before he was eventually tortured and murdered.

According to family members, law enforcement officials had not even interviewed Wright’s family members, friends or closest associates, and had not even retrieved prints from his stalled truck on the day of his disappearance.

In a statement issued by the Bernsen Law Firm, they state, "It is deeply troubling and hard to imagine why law enforcement is all of a sudden choosing to engage in investigatory efforts - interviewing family members and performing basic property searches - all of which should have occurred on day one."

This past Saturday, community activist Quanell X along with the family of Alfred Wright, held a rally in Beaumont, Texas, to protest the way Sabine County officials and the Texas Rangers have handled the case involving Wright’s murder.

Protesters marched down the streets of Beaumont with a casket which they say represents the way young Black men are being attacked and murdered in America. Wright’s wife, Lauren, was also in attendance to seek justice on behalf of her murdered husband and father of their three young children.

The group called "Justice for Alfred" held the rally. Wright’s family spoke to the crowd and asked for "those who knew the truth to come forward."

Kevin Powell, acclaimed writer and activist, and president and cofounder of BK Nation, is working closely with Wright’s family on the case and is deeply concerned about the circumstances that led to the disappearance and subsequent finding of his body.

"We are demanding a full, thorough and independent investigation as to why the family had to hire a private investigator to locate his body, and also why they had to get a second autopsy report," said Powell. "It has been two months that this family has had to suffer not only through the loss of their loved one, but also a very careless and irresponsible investigation. We want the Department of Justice and its national arm of the FBI to deal with this."

Sheriff Maddox has not given any other statements since the investigation is ongoing, but that isn’t good enough for the Wright family. The Wright family is requesting that the U.S. Department of Justice and its Civil Rights and FBI units take over the case and investigate Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox and Texas Ranger Danny Young.

Family members claim that Sheriff Maddox and Ranger Young are long-time friends, and that Ranger Young has done nothing to assist in the investigation. Currently, the investigation is in the hands of another Texas Ranger from Lufkin and the FBI is helping with the case.

The desire of Alfred Wright’s family to take action has been escalated because the area of southeast Texas where he was murdered is notorious for harboring deep-rooted racial hatred. These tensions manifest periodically into violent, racially motivated crimes, such as the murder of James Byrd Jr., who was dragged to his death in Wright’s hometown of Jasper.

More details are forthcoming, so stay tuned and the Houston Forward Times will keep you up-to-date on details.

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