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113011_bible_study_thumb307_Bible Fact: God expects for His chosen, saved people, to hear His voice in order for them to demonstrated and communicate an effective response of obedience and acceptance of His will.

The Big Idea: By developing a sensitive spiritual ear to the voice of God, the faith, righteousness, peace, prosperity, power and joy of every believer will become more personally rewarding and to the glory of God.

Good listening is like tuning in a radio station. For good results, you can listen to only one station at a time. Trying to listen to my wife while looking over an office report is like trying to receive two radio stations at the same time. I end up with distortion and frustration. Listening requires a choice of where I place my attention. To tune into my partner, I must first choose to put away all that will divide my attention. That might mean laying down the newspaper, moving away from the dishes in the sink, putting down the book I’m reading, setting aside my projects. Robert W. Herron, Homemade, June, 1987.

I. God does speak: He spoke in the Old Testament from the beginning.

A. God spoke in creation; Genesis 1:3,6,9,11, 14, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29

B. God spoke to Adam (and Eve); Genesis 2:16, 17; 3:9-13

C. God spoke to Noah; Genesis 6:12-22; Genesis 7:1, 5, 7,11,15,16

D. God spoke to Abraham; Genesis 12:1-4; Genesis 18:23-32; Genesis 22:1,2,3, 9

E. God speaks to His people through His law and His leaders

• Moses, law giver and freedom leader; Exodus 3:1-22 (How God gets His work done thru humans.)

Gideon, freedom fighter and community leader – Judges 6

1. The Lord’s anger prompts Him to find someone to speak through; vv. 1-6

2. The Lord sends a prophet to give His answer to His people; vv. 7-10

3. The Lord sends an angel with a personal message to Gideon; vv. 11-16

A perfect background is not a criteria for enlisting you into His service

4. Gideon fears the announcement of the angel and seeks a compromise; vv. 17-23

5. Gideon approved to do battles with altars; vv. 24-35

6. Gideon anointed by the Lord to take charge; vv. 36-40

If the intent is pure and true in one’s heart, it is OK to ask God to repeat Himself.


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