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banner_eryn_newIssue: In an effort to explain his stance on abortion, Rep. Todd Akin, the Republican Senate nominee from Missouri, said that in instances of what he called “legitimate rape,” women’s bodies somehow blocked an unwanted pregnancy. Akin, a six-term member of Congress who is backed by Tea Party conservatives, made it clear that his opposition to the practice was nearly absolute, even in instances of rape. “It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” Mr. Akin said of pregnancies from rape.

 “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something: I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not attacking the child.” Democrats are trying to tie Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to GOP Rep. Todd Akin’s claim that victims of “legitimate rape” rarely get pregnant, accusing Republicans of trying to drag women back to “the Dark Ages.” “Akin’s choice of words isn’t the real issue here,” Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said in a fundraising email. “The real issue is a Republican Party—led by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan—whose policies on women and their health are dangerously wrong.” The Romney campaign put out a statement distancing itself from the remarks. “Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan disagree with Mr. Akin’s statement, and a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose abortion in instances of rape.”

Question: What do you think of Akin’s statement?



Jamie Fowler

I don’t see how it could matter if you’re a democrat, republican, or a Martian that anyone could vote for this guy. It speaks so poorly for Congress as a whole.



v36_buzz_fosterBriana Foster

“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down?” So if the victim gets pregnant she was asking for it? If only our brains had biological mechanisms to keep us from electing idiots like Akin.



v36_buzz_ericksonFlynn Erickson

The sad thing is he didn’t make a mistake. He really believes pregnancies are rare among raped women, that women’s bodies have ways of stopping pregnancies from rape. But I’m really far more concerned that he thinks a woman can stop herself from becoming pregnant after a rape than his choice of words about rape. He shouldn’t be legislating on issues he doesn’t understand.


v36_buzz_samNiles Sam

Men really don’t need to be talking about female issues and if you have to, then you need to know what you’re talking about.






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males decreased tall roughly 4-6 inches from 5 ft 9. In Minoan Crete, the double axe (labrys) had a special significance. This changes the molecule right into a different substance that either doesn't have a chromophore, or consists of a chromophore that doesn't absorb visible light. Marcia: We now have creatures. cyber monday michael kors: Some directories routinely reject articles for spelling mistakes once there are not one or wherever there is more than way to spell a word. You will find also many programs along with other content like games, styles etc are available online where might have a modification of your Cell Phones. He suggests that you simply take a look at for particulars about alternative fuels and gas mileage tips. So, the large real question is - does the DLux iPad situation with keyboard give a better typing experience or otherwise? Using the growing quantity of laptop uses currently available, it's no surprise why there's an excuse for so various sorts of laptop accessories. cyber monday nike shoes: The P90X2 program covers all the workout routines necessary to sculpt your body into the body you have always dreamed of. For the preferred fashion bracelets that you simply selected ornately, certainly you need to put on it constantly even until inside your old existence. Yes, we would like a factor a new comer to change tiresome existence. Canada Goose Coat uggs black friday 2013: This website sells second hand materials for lesser cost and it would be your great haven if you do not mind getting pre-owned products. Classic leisure style becomes the highlight of men's cheap UGG boots series once again. Under Florida law, the amount of alcohol licenses in each county could be a maximum of one for each 7,500 citizens. The pockets on back and front include one large document pocket with three more pockets inside and something small zippered pocket for secrets or cell. nordstrom ugg black friday sale: 21 million a good deal yr after. Regarded as the Chocolate Capital of Earth, Belgium is quite literally a chocolate fantasy land due to its 16 chocolate museums and over 2000 shops. Catch all the latest hot the latest fashions examined by Megan Lenz!Click the link to educate yourself on all the most popular The Latest Fashions! By maintaining the afore talked about points in your thoughts, you need to not only be capable of have an enhanced air cleaner, only one that's cheap. Home Workout DVD Review black friday uggs 2013: Among the key facets of resin flooring is this fact kind of floor is very durable, it'll last a long time with hardly any upkeep in your account. It just like a outcomes of your Ipod device as well as your computer. They could not provide effective protection to the entire body. Whether you allow an elegant sweater or perhaps a new recliner, a steam vapor cleaner or steam iron will clean, deodorize and sanitize without needing harsh chemicals. nike outlet black friday:
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Red-colored ribbon roses embellish the very best and lady bug buttons accent the shoulder strap. And today Allow me to demonstrate this brief details about its most significant designs. Research with mice has shown that an ingredient in turmeric called cur cumin, helped to slow down the growth of fat tissue. The forth one is Gucci 208940. nike cyber monday 2013: In lack of an admirer, the metal collector within the device has the capacity to attract contaminants, only when they're a couple of ft away. The most common way to go with them is pairing them with short skirts or jeans. Designer handbags are synonymous with class, wealth and a superior style. Certain online outlets or sites advertise these ambrosial and comfortable Coach handbags at beneath than retail prices. prada black friday: This is not due to the manufacturing of the handbag itself, but it is really the consequence of the leather itself, that for some special reasons the leather of both of these countries seem to be of a superior quality than the leather originated from other countries. Remove any visible plant, seafood, animal matter and dirt. It is extremely important that you've a new laptop bag that's light and it has the area to support your laptop safely and securely. en?spolu s krkou dobou odpo coach black friday sales: In deciding to go for oil painting as well as study painting techniques, you've definitely undertaken the first step in developing this hidden ability. They make the legs look a lot thinner and longer than they actually are. Moisture transport system designed to push sweat to the fabric's surface, where evaporation pulls it out of the body. There is lots of synergy between blogging along with other techniques I had been using. ugg australia cyber monday: Maybe that why David choose this bag, he can make anything he wears glamorous. First, determine the quantity of processing speed and RAM you'll need, and so the accessory features which make your pc useful and fun. The COA for fake jeans is usually printed with a low-end printer and therefore can't print as sharp or with as much clarity as what's capable on a high-end printing press indicating the presence of fake jeans. in the Annual Magnolia Festival at Boysenthorp Gardens !?As Walter Murray Hill completed her sentence in an instant, Ashley and Mallory labored themselves right into a craze of delight. black friday louis vuitton sale: You will find many services available to do this. This is one of top reasons that Rolex watches commands such a high price. The trauma element of your package is undoubtedly the most crucial part. A bigger telescope for instance may well demand additional time to be lined up and aligned to the desired acceptable polar coordinates as compared to relevantly smaller gear. black friday at coach:
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When Kors was just five years old, his mother remarried, and Michael was told if he wanted to, he could change his name. Ugg boots have become extremely popular as a sneakers fashion item,but good Uggs aren't cheap,so there are many men and women searching for ways to shop for cheap Uggs. Babies are also wonderful models for food based clothes and you can find costumes like Hershey chocolates or even strawberries, bananas and apples to choose from. Fashion style mulberry handbags purchase at least expensive cost rich in quality leopard print uggs: You will find a lot of things that nurses can perform to possess a little fun with style, even when the nursing dress codes and rules are extremely strict. Finally, cheap designer clothes can be purchased at outlet malls. Choose a granite counter top having a color which will blend well with any future changes you are making inside your bathroom decor when it comes to color changes. The copper's magnetic field will demonstrate a polarity difference with the wearer's own magnetic field to bring about a flow of energy. brown ugg boots: In line with the suggested cost increase, if Joe drinks typically 5 shots each week, his weekly average alcohol expenditure is going to be $15. When houses or office structures aren't occupied, this is often a extremely effective method to cut lower on energy usage. Trading on safer water is similar to trading on other health items and activities for example maintaining supplements for vitamins and minerals, buying fitness equipment, and interesting in sports. When an average joe listens to the term airbrush, we think about a vehicle being colored, or even the final stages of prints for magazines which are finessed into perfection. Ugg Boots Sale Clearance: Blue-eco-friendly algae grow and rise towards the surface where it builds up right into a large blossom. A digital camera is really a camera that can take video images or still images or in digital manner just by recording images with an electronic image sensor. Innovative thoughts, creative minds, following moral values, respecting genders and age groups, helping mankind for its developments, patriotic etc, are the feelings that ignored while raising students in other schools. Carpet flooring can wholly transform any room right into a fashionable and impressive space where your near and dear ones will like to spend time. Discount ugg Boots: But as in comparison towards the nickel-cadmium batteries, their battery existence can endure 5 years. Pruning Grape Vines For Optimum Grape Production Even though items that you'd get for the laptop aren't from the initial manufacturer, they are created to exactly the same standards of quality. But, there are pros and cons associated with each designer product and eyeglasses are no exception. ugg slippers on sale: Usually, once the temps are extremely high, as with every other fan, Patton fans might be overcome, hence, their failure to supply the quantity of ventilation needed. I can explain this unique notebook which we've been searching at might be a nominee which are more effective 2010 notebook computers. B100 BioDiesel is really a fuel which was produced from 100% natural materials. By doing this, one for reds from the ribbon will appear tan and also the other will appear brownish. ugg slippers women:
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In 1904, riding a Burberry knight logo are registered trademarks. Thus, whenever you hear a gurgling seem inside your plumbing, you can be certain of something blocking the flow water. Letters extolling the significance of on that day were read aloud were from prominent Mass. Next inside a soup pot warmth the milk, half and half and sugar until it involves a simmer - keep stirring before the sugar is completely dissolved. Uggs canada Sale: Substantially small company Burberry Males Golf footwear provides you with reasonably listed bags and handbags around the world. From round the third towards the tenth century AD earrings were overtaken by mind accessories which frequently covered the whole side from the face. As of this week, U. The appearance of aging this sherry vinegar is dependent on all of the the grapes employed for wine production and also the consequent wine. sundance ugg boots: You might choose to be proficiently assimilated in the one youe keen on teams. Dean Burk, former mind chemist in the National Cancer Institute, 50,000 fluoridation linked cancer deaths occur every year within the U. The household should draw lots for who reaches take part in the elves, or simply allow the children get it done, if they're game. Why Must I Purchase Reclaimed Ash Flooring classic Tall ugg boots: Imagine creating a really significant joint of jewellery, it might likely increase her value whether financial or worth addressing. The study also incorporates the symptoms, severity and the recovery period of a concussion. Liqueurs are alcoholic drinks, flavor enhanced by fruits or nuts, and used particularly to include flavor to some recipe, instead of an alcoholic punch. "With acrylics, I can enjoy the painting process in real time, without having to wait hours or even days for the colours to dry," he added. Bailey button Ugg Boots: With it, you will feel comfortable, look trendy, and be the envy of everyone around you. The allies of Zionism should know this," said the Monster Beats Studio message, which stayed on the Web sites for about six hours on Thursday. Underneath the photo or image in your page, click "Suggest to buddies" to transmit invites to Facebook buddies to become listed on your page. His workout programs from Beachbody have helped thousands of people lose weight, develop lean muscle, and just overall get healthier and fitter. Ugg Hat And Scarf Set: He created the Hip Hop Abs and Rockin Body exercises. Similarly where we have seen satisfied clients, you will find lots who feel they have spent their cash over something that's absolutely useless. Next, because Cole's face twisted into a manifestation I could not decipher before he nodded her head obediently - I was expecting so that it is disgusting. Kunzite gems are usually pale pink (lilac) and can often be observed in more dark shades of pink as well as having a tinge of crimson color. Ugg kensington Toast:
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As part of ecommerce web development, a potentially effective website must be simple to browse which takes a well-built structure. If you use battery power operated lawnmower you lead a little towards the atmosphere because it is free from pollution and simultaneously it doesn't create that annoying noise. Vanessa Hudgens of snow boots is very youthful Well ~ LOOK Shopping For Ballet Flats Ugg Slippers For Women: Command Place in a rapidly increase in your buck as well as the good valuation, that you simply Morgan Stanley seriously should regarding good promote odds. If you are planning to become going places, you would then need a small light weigh cell phone with a lot of features that enable you to execute many tasks, just by utilizing it. Bear in mind, a few of the completely new Free Laptop sites are fake and even though you complete all of the offers, you won't ever call at your laptop. The Very Best Nfl And College Football Sites and Community forums on the internet cheap Uggs from china: To get the approval of this loan, you need to be a permanent citizen of UK, hold a checking account not more then six months and should be capable to repay back the loan amount. She actually is now targeting the candy- dyed Lodge GM for a change! Certainly one of the hottest holiday destinations in the world is France. One of the misconceptions with many critics and experts is that a native writer will always be the better prospect which is not true. The critiques of the insanity along with the p90x workouts show a great deal of differences. ugg earmuffs: But it closed structure sufficient to supply excellent sound effects. A wine when connected with meals are generally used like a drink using the meal, to marinate or being an component inside a dish. Well, I know what you are thinking - an out of shape girl won't get much attention from guys in the pub! We all love to grab something that's quick and easy to get, but how does it affect our weight when its junk food that were eating? Many people these days try out all kinds of different diets and exercise routines to lose weight but fail miserably Why? Advanced level in Yoga includes complex positions or "asanas", and if you do these positions without proper supervision, you are likely to suffer from minor injuries like sprains, etc. You'd also search by title, agency, or organizations. ugg Bailey button: You are able to choose to achieve the strips arranged in one wall to a different, or ask them to trigger in a jaunty, diagonal position. Collier, an old New You are able to Occasions reporter who authored about Woodstock and is at attendance once the final act required happens, separates Woodstock fiction from fact inside a presentation by what really happened on that August weekend within the Catskills. If you do not know, make sure to seek advice from your employer to ascertain if your small business is needed to supply hearing protection when they don't already. What we should think about the watches movement, may be the enclosed inner workings from the watch that let it correctly keep time. girls Ugg boots: Since its launch, celebrities and famous faces have positively mentioned the designer perfume. UGG makes boots for women, men and children. Obviously, you could purchase a canned water to resolve your h2o problem that's not going to sacrifice quality over time. They all are very common within the email subject titles. short uggs:
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Even though Dean only starred in three films in a short film career, however, the three films were completed in the last year of his life. Perhaps the organization on top of that has released the unique wrist watches for various sports events and they serve as the state run cooking timer in the games. I recently came across a site giving away World of Warcraft accounts and authentication keys for free. Please look at this carefully to safeguard your breadmaker from damage, just a little care and cleaning goes a lengthy method to build your appliance keep going longer. Ugg winter Boots: You're needed to consider delay pills for a 3 week period of the 28 day menstrual period, having a break of 7 days among. Sega continues to be recognized to dissatisfy within the years following a discharge of effective games like Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic Compact disc. These people will appreciate it if you tell them the information they need to know without wasting too much of their time. The websites need to make special efforts to stick out from the crowd. Cheap ugg Boots For women: If we strategy to attend the insanity exercise, then we must put in 60 days of constant effort and if we attend the p90x physical exercise, then we have to practice them for 55 minutes every single day for close to 3 months. Hopefully if all calculates you'll have the ability to obtain a section at any given time, otherwise it's destined to be a board by board process. If you are an average photographer with minimal interest in photography, then a $100-199 camera will probably do just fine for you. The Tory Burch Sandals. uggs For cheap: In the following paragraphs, we'll learn to retrieve ASUS EPad Password. of vodka plus 4 fluid oz . Generally black is simplest for match. Since artificial UVA sources some occasions are 5 occasions more powerful compared to normal sun, so UVA/ Sun burns sometimes happens extremely fast. Ugg kensington Boots: Here's the way it goesCrystal Necklace a extended approach to eat? Purchase yourself a set of Lucky 7 earrings made from silver or lucky gold earrings watching how occasions significantly turn to your benefit! Currently, to creating these earrings the jewelry retailers are utilized the cubic zirconia metals that are experienceing this extensive recognition in the whole world. Wireless Headset Bluetooth technology can be used in hands free headset to ensure that the consumer can take away the annoying wires, easy to speak to several different ways. Create a template from the shape and size of the fan and trace this around the ceiling or wall utilizing a pencil. Anti-aging Supplements Cause You To Look More youthful Ugg Shoes: Please take into acccount that there's nobody perfect Camera that consists of all of the requiered features and sells in a low cost too, so it will likely be an agreement like many more we make in existence. Tatuaggi fate is a serious business and one has to select the best possible design. Today, eco-friendly efficiency in energy whilst in the The Concept sector furthermore should be a great well-known, despite the fact that the dog owner wouldn't experience inside day-to-day surgical treatments from the usb ports products, enviromentally friendly efficiency strengths, particularly laptops, nevertheless every single time When i present in e-waste difficulties for the planet, if everybody stunning. The magnificent Abraham Lincoln subsequently Presidential Library and Museum in Springfield, Illinois, which opened up in 2005, has plans for extensive festivities and symposiums. Buy Uggs Online:
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