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banner-manson-johnson_thumb307_John 10:27; Matthew 13:10-17; Isaiah 30:21

Bible Fact: God chooses people to make them His treasure in the eyes of the world and to make them known by their special treatment from God.

The Big Idea: By listening to God and obeying His commands a true believer will experience unexplainable supernatural experiences (the WOW!!! factor) that makes others attracted to their demonstrations.

Good listening is like tuning in a radio station. For good results, you can listen to only one station at a time. Trying to listen to my wife while looking over an office report is like trying to receive two radio stations at the same time. I end up with distortion and frustration. Listening requires a choice of where I place my attention. To tune into my partner, I must first choose to put away all that will divide my attention. That might mean laying down the newspaper, moving away from the dishes in the sink, putting down the book I’m reading, setting aside my projects. Robert W. Herron, Homemade, June, 1987.

I. Jesus expects His true sheep to demonstrate that they recognize His voice as a matter of identification of their faith, principles and priorities in Him.

Jesus expects other people to believe His sheep for the demonstration of their salvation to produce good works and supernatural results. John 10:24-30

II. Jesus expects for His true sheep to benefit with as much increase as a true believer qualifies for from the potency of the gospel seed working within their supernatural soul (soil). Matthew 13:10-23

•Unbelievers cannot benefit from the gospel seed. vv. 10-17

•Four (4) benefit options for the gospel seed. vv. 18-23

III. The power of the true believer to achieve and become successful happens when he/she hears and follows without delay the instructions of God. Isaiah 30:21

Noah was instructed to preach and build a boat for 120 years…he did…

Abraham was told to leave his kindred and kind and go where he did not know where he was going…he did...

Moses was instructed to raise up a stick in his hand…he did…

Ruth was instructed to go with Naomi back to Bethlehem…she did…

Esther was instructed to go in to see the king without an appointment…she did…

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