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Sunday_SchoolAim: To lead students to accept the Holy Ghost as the promise of Jesus Christ to them personally and to encourage them to be guided by His will for their decisions and daily living.


Bible Fact: The Bible is the infallible word of God and the primary authorized written source that gives Divine instructions to all true Christians.

Bible Text: John 16:7,13


If a man is filled with anger, then anger controls his life.

If a man is filled with greed, then greed dominates his life.

If a man is filled with lust, then lust governs his life.

If a man is filled with love, then love influences all he does.

And if a man is filled with the Holy Spirit, he is controlled by the Spirit…then God has been given permission to do anything that is impossible within that individual. God majors in doing what man cannot accomplish.


The first believers in the Christian Church relied totally and habitually upon the Holy Ghost as their daily source to be sustained and as the glue of their unity and power. They knew that they could do no miracles and could not be a contributing agent to the body of Christ without the power of the Holy Ghost working within them and working with them. I will use Acts 2:1-8 to learn how the Holy Ghost played a vital role in the early Church as He introduced Himself to the people as they worshiped God as they visited Jerusalem.


I. I noticed in v.1 that the Holy Ghost’s timing during the first Church’s worship had to do with two (2) functions that existed among the people.


II. The entrance of the Holy Spirit from heaven in v.2 did two (2) things among the people to make His arrival known.


III. According to v.3 I notice that each worshiper could be identified with a particular sign that sat upon each of them.


IV. According to v.4 I can identify two (2) things the Holy Ghost empowered each worshiper to perform as the He saturated their presence.


V. I learn that God had a multitude of different people to attend the Pentecost Feast in Jerusalem and He made them to witness what He had done among the various nations of people in worship. I noted one outstanding thing in vv.5-7 that was the condition or reaction of all of them when they heard the people that were under the power of the Holy Ghost in worship.


VI. I also noticed in v.8 that the multitude gave documented evidence of the witness of the unity of this worship because of one reason that happened undeniably among themselves.


VII. My Weekly Power Reading: Acts 8:1-40; Revelation 1:1-20; I Corinthians 12:1-31; I Corinthians 14:1-40; I John 4:20


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