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I am a big Floyd Mayweather Jr. fan….PERIOD!

In my estimation, he is the best pound-for-pound defensive fighter to ever dawn a pair of boxing gloves.  I have been a boxing fan for some time and for me to say someone is the ‘best’, when there have been so many outstanding fighters over the years, is not a stretch concerning Mayweather.


I always look forward to his next fight, because I can always find somebody who is willing to go out on the limb and declare that “Money Mayweather” is going to lose.  


The interesting thing is, when I ask them why they believe he is going to lose, they never seem to be able to give me a straight answer.  It is usually driven by emotion and in most cases, a strong and insatiable desire they have to see him lose.


Most people don’t know anything about Mayweather’s boxing history or what makes him the great fighter that he is.  Other people don’t even know anything about the opponent he is facing.  They just want him to lose.


I have heard everything about why people want to see him lose, but nothing seems to resonate more than the fact that people believe he is just too arrogant.


Mayweather does have a swagger and cockiness about him that is different than most athletes in sports.  He flashes money, talks noise, hangs with celebrities and rocks some of the nicest material possessions you can find.  


But, he can do that.  He works hard in the gym, handles his business affairs better than almost any athlete I have seen and most importantly, he talks noise and backs it up.


See it would be one thing if Mayweather talked noise and couldn’t back it up.  The man just won another boxing match and is still undefeated.  He has never lost a fight.


People dogged him out because he didn’t fight Pacquiao and they feel like he has avoided tough competition.  The man has been boxing for 17 years and has regularly fought top-ranked fighters.


The bottom line is this:  When you are at the top of your game, you will always find those who will not celebrate your success and will do or pay anything to see you fall off and fail.  I have seen people bet and lose money, because they made the ignorant decision to bet against Mayweather, not because they believe he is the weaker opponent, but because they strongly dislike him.


It is no secret that I hate the Dallas Cowboys.  I don’t like their owner, team and mostly their braggadocios fans, but I can’t take away the fact that they have experienced past success that should be acknowledged and congratulated.  


However, I don’t ever want to see them win.  The difference is, I am a fan of the Miami Dolphins and I want to see my team win every year, but if the Cowboys win I have to give them their just due.

I can understand you wanting a team or an athlete to lose because you are pulling for your team, but how troubling is it that you can never give a person the credit they deserve.  


It is okay for the Cowboys fans to brag and talk noise, they just have to back it up and gain the respect of being a winner.  


I remember when I was working with a group of folks and they decided to part ways with me because they felt I was too arrogant.  I helped them keep their doors open when they were about to close.  I helped them raise more money than they had ever seen.  I rebuilt the brand, reputation and relationships for the organization. But because I wasn’t a “YES” man and couldn’t be controlled to make decisions and do things that were contrary to the mission and vision of the organization and because I refused to compromise my integrity and character to satisfy others selfish desires, I was deemed arrogant. 


When you know that you are good at what you do and when you know that you will never be able to please everybody, it makes it easy for you to focus on doing your very best and striving for the top.


Successful businessman Robert G. Allen, who became a self-made millionaire and amassed a multi-million dollar net worth in just a few years by making small real estate investments once said, “Don’t let the opinions of the average man sway you. Dream, and he thinks you’re crazy. Succeed, and he thinks you’re lucky. Acquire wealth, and he thinks you’re greedy. Pay no attention. He simply doesn’t understand.”


I applaud Floyd Mayweather Jr. for not listening to the haters and by doing so achieving success by becoming a five-division world champion, who has won eight world titles and the Lineal championship in three different weight classes, with a record of 44-0.


When it comes to Floyd or anybody else for that matter, you might not like it, but Don’t Hate…..Just Congratulate.”


Jeffrey L. Boney serves as Associate Editor and is an award-winning journalist for the Houston Forward Times newspaper.  Jeffrey is a Next Generation Project Fellow, dynamic, international speaker, experienced entrepreneur, business development strategist and Founder/CEO of the Texas Business Alliance.  If you would like to request Jeffrey as a speaker, you can reach him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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