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Kelly_Rowland_CryingAs I sat down to write an article which featured the catty Twitter brawl between Amanda Bynes and Rihanna, I found myself wording and re-wording several sentences. There were phrases in which I felt that you good readers would find confusing and so to avoid this from happening again, I decided to provide you with a guide to my lingo.

As you all may or may not know, drag queens speak their own language and the success of blogs and shows such as RuPaul’s Drag Race have introduced the lingo to a whole new audience.

So let’s get to it hunty!


Shade (Throwing Shade) - When a person is doing you wrong in some way.

Ex: She told you that your hair was laid like Lil’ Scrappy’s mama. She is definitely throwing shade.


No T, No shade - I don’t mean any disrespect. I’m just telling you how it is.

Ex: Maybe a strapless dress isn’t for you, girl. Your back fat looks like breasts; no t, no shade.


Come for you - To offend you

Ex: You embarrassed me in front of this whole party, I am definitely about to come for you.


Sickening - Something that is amazing and fierce.

Ex: That outfit is sickening. Where did you get it?!


Reading - To insult or to criticize

Ex: If I see her tonight I am going to read her from the Table of Contents to the Glossary because she was definitely sub-tweeting me in that tweet about scandalous women.


Beating your face/mug - Putting on your makeup

Ex: I’m almost ready. My hair is done and my outfit is laid out; just give me thirty minutes to beat my mug!


Werk - A congratulatory phrase: good job, bring it, etc.

Ex: You better werrrrrrrk!


Hunty - A term of endearment

Ex: You better werk hunty!


Giving me life - A phrase that shows how much you enjoy something

Ex: I love that dress; it is giving me life!

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