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Houston native Yolanda Adams has successfully translated her positive viewpoint into different sectors of the media market

An Evening of Fashion with Yolanda AdamsAn Evening of Fashion with Yolanda Adams

Houston native Yolanda Adams has successfully translated her positive viewpoint into different sectors of the media market. Yolanda has had a year full of accomplishments including the release of her latest album, daily hosting her own radio show, a published book, numerous performances and above all, mother of a beautiful young girl. Each of her accomplishments has been executed with care, grace, and precision including her latest endeavor, fashion.

A passion for fashion that sprung first from necessity has come full circle for Yolanda as she now reveals to us the Yolanda Adams Collection.

Yolanda Adams Clothing Line LogoThis collection was founded with the purpose of satisfying a need for “flattering and wearable” fashions for diverse body types of women. This collection features designer knits created from the finest materials. Before the runway show began I had a chance to sit down with Yolanda and speak more in depth with her about her collection.

Grace Boateng: Now the last time we spoke you mentioned your interest in fashion sprung first from necessity, being taller at such a young age. Now were you actually making your clothing?

Yolanda Adams: At the age of 14 I started sewing clothes because I had long limbs and a tiny waist and there wasnYt much to choose from being an extremely tall teenager. I could do the pants, skirts, and dresses…but jeans I had to buy in the menbs size 27 Extra-long 36-37 ½ inseam. That is what started this ball rolling in my head even as a teenager.

GB: Coming from a knowledgeable place in terms of constructing clothing how involved were you in the process of designing these pieces for your own collection?

YA: Absolutely 100%. There are certain things that I know look wonderful on women. I made sure there were a lot of ¾ and 7/8 sleeves. As we get older there are certain parts of our bodies, as women, that we worry about. We have a lot of Mandarin collars, Turtle necks, Scoop necks, Ballerina necks, V necks, so there is a variety. Also on the coats and capes, anyone can wear those because they go over the garments. We are just really excited about it. I got a chance to embellish like I love to; of course you know I’m sparkly at times on stage so we have certain outfits that have crystal button embellishments. Our garments have a lot of detail.

GB: How would you describe Yolanda Adams Couture, what is the look and the feel people will have with your clothing? Is it a reflection of your own personal style?

YA: Timeless, Sophisticated Elegance. We all know in these economic times you’ve got to have investment pieces. There are pieces that will live with you for the life of your wardrobe. You need a pencil skirt, you need a coat, and of course you need those jackets or dresses that will span the test of time. I believe that a versatile wardrobe is better than just a seasonal wardrobe.

GB: Where can our readers, viewers, listeners find the Yolanda Adams Couture line?

Yolanda Adams Clothing LineYA: Everyone will be able to find the clothing online at We’re going all over the markets, we have the radio show and we’re doing private trunk shows like this one. In Houston I tried to beef it up because it is my hometown so we have a fashion show where we can present the clothes on fleshly bodies of all sizes to show you just how impeccable the line really is.

GB: Now that you have added Designer to your long list of talents what are some of your fashion goals?

YA: One of the goals is to make sure I bring the Classic look to the forefront. There are a lot of things you see on the runway that are wonderful but they don’t translate into reality. I want to be able to create a line that is timeless so women look at it and say my go to piece is the Yolanda Adams piece, or my go to coat is the Yolanda Adams coat. That is what I want to be able to do. I want the Yolanda Adams collection to mean something 20 years from now.

GB: Do you plan on coming out with a line for girls?

YA: I’m definitely coming out with a line for younger girls simply because my daughter is 10 years old and she’s already 5’7” at this moment. So I have to come out with a line for her and young women who have long limbs and tiny little waists. She’s a carbon copy of her mom, I definitely know that.

After our talk I joined the other guests in the main ballroom that was draped in white. Splashes of violet and blue accented the walls and we were treated to an assortment of delicacies. Marcus D. Wiley warmed up the crowd with laughter and on the cue of Yolanda herself, the show began. Women of all ages and body types graced the runway in Yolanda’s designs. On the front row Yolanda’s family and close friends including Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee sat and enjoyed the show. There was a very poignant moment after all of the fashions had been seen, when Yolanda thanked everyone who had contributed to making this dream of hers possible. It was indeed an evening of elegance, style, beauty and a labor of love.



By Grace Boateng - Media Correspondent






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